Beet Greens and Chocolate


TGIF! And thank goodness, it has been an interesting week. But the weather has been gorgeous here after all the rain and Miko is enjoying playing in the backyard. Skipper is enjoying exploring all of our new weeds I need to do something about. And kale is flourishing in our backyard after so much rain, […]

Kitchen Playing


Happy Sunday, gah, it’s Sunday already?! And we lost an hour with spring forward – dirty trick! It was nice to disconnect a little bit after such a busy week at work and chill a little at home with these sweet office buddies. And catch up on house work and errands such as finally getting […]

Quick Dill Quinoa


Glad Monday is over, it was a crazy one at work that left me feeling a bit like mush when I got home. I would have started writing this post sooner, but mush brain here was easily distracted by LifeBuzz. Why have I not seen this site before? It’s still raining here and that’s great […]

Vegan Meetup at Mylapore


It’s been raining loads here over the last 4 days and that’s wonderful! We need it! The rain clouds were a welcome sight on our dog walk yesterday and everything is already looking so green and vibrant. Last night I headed to Folsom in the wind and rain for another vegan meetup at Mylapore Vegetarian […]

Sushi, Lentils, and a Dog Party


We have a house full of dogs this weekend while we’re babysitting my mom’s chihuahua. Miko has been competing for attention with him, I can’t go anywhere in the house without them following me and trying to get to my lap first. Leela has been thrilled to have all the fireplace beds to herself frequently […]

Curried Tomatoes and Quinoa


I really hate the lack of pockets in women’s clothes in general, but especially women’s running clothes. Thanks to my job, I usually have two and sometimes three smartphones with no pocket options for carrying them. Guys can run in baggy shorts with huge pockets, but we’re lucky if women’s running leggings or skimpy shorts […]

Weekend Love


Whew, it’s been a great weekend so far and we still have two more days left of it! The last two days have been a bit of a blur of playing, shopping, and eating out in a good way. Disclaimer: I don’t usually eat out or spend this much, but once in awhile is fun. […]

Simple Tofu Soup


I am sooooo glad tomorrow is Friday and it’s a 3-day romantic Valentine’s weekend because it’s been a long and exhausting week with loads going on at work and me dragging a little from stress. It hasn’t been a stressful week for Skipper, he’s been having a blast. It’s become a ritual for him to […]