Fabulous Eats & Shopping


I’ve been having plenty of fun the last two days celebrating on my extended birthday weekend and it’s not over yet, one more day of fun tomorrow before heading back to the grind. I’ll be ready after so many days of rich eating and playing! Yesterday my mom and sisters took me to Mother Sacramento […]

Ginger Dressing and Party Weekend


It’s that time of year already, my birthday. Well, not until early next week, but I’m taking a couple of days off work to make it a long celebration weekend. And the weekend started off nicely when I came home to these gorgeous roses from hubby. Then we headed out to The Chef’s Table for […]

Tofu Curry & Pet Updates


I’m feeling much better after a few good nights of sleep and not even phased that it’s Monday, hey! Coming home to hubby cooking a sweet surprise helped, he recreated a healthier version of one of my favorite Thai tofu curry dishes and he did a great job! He used coconut milk, curry, and a […]

What I Ate Wednesday with Salad


Ah, getting closer to the long weekend and I’m ready. Shadow is hanging in there, he seems stable and has his follow up vet appointment tomorrow. He’s started playing catch-me-if-you-can when it’s pill time which is a time consuming game when I’m trying to rush out the door in the morning. Thankfully he seems to […]

Mother Sacramento


Finally the weekend and finally hubby is home from his business trip, whew! Shadow is hanging in there, his white blood cell count is still up which could be a few things and feline leukemia is still a possibility. He’s on prednisone for 2 weeks before going back for another follow up vet appointment. He’s […]