New Year’s Eve and Cacao Book


Happy New Year! The pups celebrated by enjoying their new beds by the fireplace. And we celebrated by going to a Vegan Soul Soirée hosted by the Sacramento Vegetarian Society with an amazing menu and book signing by Joshua Ploeg, The Traveling Vegan Chef. The event was held at an interesting rustic riverside cabin\campground because […]

Creamy Garlic Carrot Dressing


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, wow. The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur, can’t believe the year is almost over. At the same time, I’m ready for 2015 because 2014 was a little rocky and sad loosing Skipper. Then Shadow. We miss them both and still get sad. But I did […]

Citrus Walnut Dressing


Still recovering from the holidays and crazy times at work here, I’ve been on call over Christmas and the weekend and it’s been busy with end of the year stuff! Looking forward to a little relaxing next week with the New Year’s time off. Leela is still looking a little tweaked, I think the holiday […]

Scenes from Christmas


Whew, Christmas was a fun whirlwind of visiting family, opening gifts, and eating too much amazing food. I managed to take 175 pictures using and testing out new lenses for my camera, here are just a few. Christmas Eve was a simple and fun dinner of lentil vegan tacos at my sister’s house, we sautéed […]

Cauliflower Alfredo Dressing


Wow, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Ready? I think I am, but I’m noticing more stress this year with a crazier work schedule around Christmas. Even Smokey is looking a little more stressed and she just hangs around the house. Miko is not happy with me for not making enough time to play with him. He’s […]

Creamy Cumin Orange Salad


I’ve finally finished the wrapping and feeling ready for Christmas, mostly since we’re still working out menus. Are you ready? And I’m still focused on healthy recipes since the holidays seem to be just as much about health assaulting foods as love an celebration, work has been flooded with holiday treats and my inbox is […]

Butternut Tahini Dressing


Today was one of those get-me-a-glass-of-wine-now days at work. I’ll spare you the details, but tackling big projects and growing pains is not fun mixed with the holidays and stressed out co-workers. But I think Leela is a little more stressed than me today. She’s been getting a little cranky when Miko or Smokey gets […]

Potluck Vanilla Chai Chia Seed Pudding


It’s still raining here and that’s okay, we still need it and have plenty of holiday cheer inside. But Miko is still not happy about the rain, he’d like more active walks and is ready to party in the evenings! I went to a work party/brunch potluck today. I know, brunch. Why brunch? An awkward […]

Healthy Donuts & Orange Tahini Dressing


I’m almost ready for Christmas, most of the shopping is done, packages shipped, decorations up, etc. Time to relax and enjoy the festivities! Miko agrees, he has a new reindeer squeaky toy thanks to my mom and is happy to enjoy the decorated fireplace. I enjoyed another vegan meetup this weekend at a new vegan […]

Versatile Cumin Lentils and Quinoa


Thanks to the Pineapple Express, which the massive storm that’s been hitting Northern California for the last two days has been named, it’s been raining non stop here for over 24 hours. No flooding in this area and the winds have not been as bad as predicted, so we’ve been lucky! And getting all the […]