Tomato Cheddar Dressing


I’m here and it’s been a week so far! Lots going on at work with big projects and issues. I’ll spare you the details, but I was actually looking forward to a dentist appointment today because I got to leave work early, like a mini vacation to have my teeth scraped! Hopefully things will settle […]

Sweet Dijon Dressing


I’m still ready for fall. Seriously, come on cooler breezes and turning leaves. And maybe a little rain if we’re lucky. It’s still hot here and poor Skipper is getting tired of it too. We can’t take him for walks during the daytime because it’s still just too hot for the poor old guy who’s […]

Spinach Quinoa


Good morning! I’m up early trying to prepare myself for a 7-mile training run while tweaking my running playlists. I saw this 10-minute video on Facebook yesterday and got mesmerized watching it. Philip Wollen does an amazing job of summing up all the issues in the world related to eating meat and how illogical it […]

Coconut Curry Dressing


I miss the long weekend already, it was quiet and relaxing and somewhat productive. Shadow slept most of it during the days so he could run up and down the halls screaming at 2am. I spent some time studying for an IT certification exam with a happy chihuahua in my lap. And ate this simple […]

Eggplant Quinoa


The drought here is scary, lots of water conservation warnings and disturbing images of dried up rivers and lakes. We’ve put our garden plans on hold until conditions improve to conserve water, so we have a lot of dry dirt pots in our backyard with no plants. Skipper has decided they make good beds. We’ve […]