Citrus Tahini Dressing


It has been chilly, overcast, and rainy this weekend. So the dogs have either been in my lap or in front of the fireplace. Rough life, huh? One great thing about winter here is our little tangerine tree explodes with tangerines. And they’re all starting to get ripe, woohoo! I used one in this simple […]

Winter Squash & Random


Sorry, but this will be a pretty random post because it’s been a crazy week. Work is not slowing down and things always seem a little chaotic and crazy in November anyway, right? There’s preparing for Thanksgiving while reminders are everywhere that Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping and traffic around here already seem […]

On the Road


Whew, the last few days have been a whirlwind! But not bad and filled with interesting eats. I’m in the bay area for a few days attending a tech conference for work with a co-worker and it’s been an interesting experience so far! I’ll back up to lunch yesterday before we left because it was […]

New Vitamins & Random


Happy weekend, so glad it’s finally here after this week at work – ugh! Keep hoping things settle down there soon because days are leaving me feeling mentally fried lately which isn’t great for getting creative in the kitchen after work. I was feeling inspired leaving for work yesterday when I saw the morning sun […]

Feeling Fall


As awesome as October can be, I’m glad it’s over because it was a month for me! It feels like I ran the Urban Cow 6 months ago, not one month ago! This year October was an emotional roller coaster of sadness losing Skipper and Shadow, celebration, lots of drama at work, and some adventure. […]

Autumn Squash Dressing


Thanks again for the kind words on Shadow, it’s been tough dealing with multiple losses this month. We’re thankful to have had the time we did with them and trying to focus on celebrating that. Miko, Leela, and Smokey have been so sweet to us as we’re dealing with everything, Miko has been extra cuddly […]