Tofu Curry & Pet Updates


I’m feeling much better after a few good nights of sleep and not even phased that it’s Monday, hey! Coming home to hubby cooking a sweet surprise helped, he recreated a healthier version of one of my favorite Thai tofu curry dishes and he did a great job! He used coconut milk, curry, and a […]

What I Ate Wednesday with Salad


Ah, getting closer to the long weekend and I’m ready. Shadow is hanging in there, he seems stable and has his follow up vet appointment tomorrow. He’s started playing catch-me-if-you-can when it’s pill time which is a time consuming game when I’m trying to rush out the door in the morning. Thankfully he seems to […]

Mother Sacramento


Finally the weekend and finally hubby is home from his business trip, whew! Shadow is hanging in there, his white blood cell count is still up which could be a few things and feline leukemia is still a possibility. He’s on prednisone for 2 weeks before going back for another follow up vet appointment. He’s […]

Simple Potato Broccoli Soup


Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. It’s been a week of worry and sinus issues here. Shadow, one of our sweet gray kitties, is having health issues. We noticed he’s been losing weight and having intestinal issues and took him into the vet this week to find out it’s either thyroid issues or feline leukemia. The […]

Sacramento VegFest


Whew, I’m back. It was such a busy week that it’s nice to disconnect and have a little fun on the weekend. I had to make a tough choice yesterday, either go to Sacramento’s VegFest or Animal Place’s Music in the Meadow and it was not easy! Two huge and awesome vegan events should not […]