Smokey Cheddar Dressing


Friday is almost here, whew! We’ve been busy with work and home projects here lately and Miko gets frustrated when hubby isn’t paying enough attention to him. He climbs around his lap and does cute little stretching tail-wagging antics to get his attention. And I’m back at it with large meal salads in our hotter […]

Ginger Broccoli Quinoa and Lentils


Happy Tuesday! Okay, I know, but at least it’s not Monday. Trying to come up with a hearty, healthy, and creative dinner after a long day is challenging to say the least. I wrote this recipe on a whim to create a simple, one pot meal and was barely feeling throwing it together after my […]

Weekend List w/ Oil Free Potatoes


Happy weekend! It’s been a productive one here so far, I headed to the gym at the crack of dawn yesterday to cram in a workout before my early hair appointment, caught up on laundry at home, dropped a large load of stuff off at an animal rescue thrift shop, and worked on decluttering at […]

Summery Balsamic Dressing


Whew, almost done with the triple digit heat days here for a bit! Smokey chooses to snooze inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Can’t blame her, I guess spending the days in an air-conditioned office isn’t so bad either. And Miko is happy to spend indoor cuddle time with hubby. I’m still into cooling, summer […]

Spicy Hemp Dressing


It’s been a busy week here, but it’s always nice wrapping up the day with a little down time in front of the TV before bed. And Miko looks forward to the couch cuddle time. It’s always a good time to snuggle in his favorite softy red blanket. It’s hot here this week, ugh. Triple […]

Weekend List with Running Pockets


We’re having a relaxing Sunday morning here, Leela is parked in her favorite mushroom bed in the office with me. And Miko is snugly stuffed in his bed. It could be 100+ degrees outside and he still loves burying himself in a blanket! It is Sunday Runday again at Runkeeper where you can get 20% […]

Sweet Basil Dressing


It’s back to the grind after a fun 4-day birthday weekend, another year older. But I had fun and got some great gifts. Lots of eco-friendly goodies, books, and Blooming wrapping paper that grows from my mother-in-law, so sweet! Tuesday my mom and I went to the California State Fair where I took in inspiration […]

Kicky Tomato Dressing


My long birthday weekend is going well, I could get used to relaxing mornings to take the dogs for leisurely walks, go to the gym, drink coffee, go for runs outside, etc. It’s back to the grind tomorrow after another day of fun today and I guess that’s a good thing too. My niece made […]

Weekend List


Happy long birthday weekend to me! I almost felt guilty about taking a couple of extra days off work with so much going on, but oh well. Yesterday we had a leisurely trip to the gym and got some needed errands done like dropping my car off at the dealer for routine tire and windshield […]

Simple Silky Orange Ginger Dressing


Hi, popping in with a quick post again because it’s been another busy week at work with lots going on. I’m taking a couple of extra days off next week for my birthday and¬†really¬†looking forward to that down time now. Hopefully things will be settling down soon. I’ve been keeping things simple for dinner with […]