Why Raw?

First off, let me say that I am not a dietitian or health professional, but a health nut computer tech getting into a raw food diet. So I’m going to leave the official definition up to these raw sources:

I first took interest in the raw diet when I accompanied a friend to a raw food prep class in July 2009, taught by a Living Light trained instructor who was drawn to the diet after working as a nurse for years and seeing all too much of how poor diet affects health.  To me, the fundamental reason of a raw diet is to eat foods closest to their natural form for maximum nutrients and to avoid chemicals and preservatives found in processed foods. Many of these unnatural chemical ingredients tend to not pass through the body properly and buildups can cause health problems that we’re only just beginning to discover. There are many reasons to try the raw diet and incorporate more raw recipes into meal planning and I think everyone has their own reasons for wanting to live healthier. The primary reasons I’m going raw are:

  • To maximize nutritional value
  • To avoid chemicals and preservatives in processed foods
  • To really test and experience the benefits of a healthy diet
  • Reduce and avoid cravings, binges and mood swings
  • To never have to diet or worry about what I eat
  • To be more balanced physically and mentally

For those new to the raw diet, I highly recommend getting a copy of The Raw Food Detox Diet for a well-written intro on raw that speaks to many types of eaters. Also, I recommend Raw Food Made Easy because it has many quick, simple recipes that taste great and can be done as side or main dishes for those dabbling with raw.