Hemp Spinach Soup

When I’m flying solo for dinner, I’m usually not sitting at the table alone.

Shadow sits and pouts in hubby’s seat starring at me as if asking what I did with his favorite guy. I try to convince Shadow he’ll be home shortly, but he just stares at me with that worried and sad look. Miko is a little more laid back and thankful at least one of us is around to throw the collection of toys he brings us on the sofa.

An evening home alone is a great recipe experimenting opportunity for me and I’ve been craving raw soups lately, something my hubby is not such a fan of. After a few days of stress and sinus issues, my insides haven’t been too happy and sometimes a huge salad can makes things worse in that area. For me, raw soups are a great light and energizing meal while not being bloating and giving my digestive system a little bit of a break. Tonight I created a sweet, savory, and tangy raw soup featuring my favorite hemp seeds.


It’s also a great lazy and fast meal with some steamed edamame, ready in minutes leaving plenty of time to catch up with Dr. Oz on the DVR before an evening run.

And the color is a gorgeous, vibrant green. But the flavor of this soup is a winner with a nice blend of tart and sweetness with a slight salty savoriness.

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