Spicy Tempeh Filling

I still have not caught the stomach flu that’s everywhere, but the co-worker next to me did this week, ack! And it’s not pleasant, one guy was out of work for a week with it! So I’m still on high paranoia alert disinfecting regularly and sterilizing my cube at work about every 10 minutes. I’ve also been consuming plenty of probiotics and researching the benefits – strengthening immunity, helping blood pressure, helping IBS, etc. Yes please! Tonight I tried another raw tempeh recipe in a spicy collard wrap that was quick and easy.


I de-stemmed  a huge collard leaf to create the wraps.

And layered raw walnut cheddar sauce I whipped up in the Vitamix over the tempeh filling.

Then just layered on sliced tomatoes.

For an easy and casual dinner.

The filling would also work well in vegan tacos, tossed into salads, or layered onto bread and cracker. The flavor had a nice spicy, taco filling-like kick while the creamy cheddar sauce complimented the nutty texture.

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  1. says

    When I was in Asheville, they would regularly have either tempeh burrito filling or veggie chili made with tempeh & it was spicy deliciousness.

  2. Viktor says

    First time here. May I ask, are you using some kind of raw-vegan tempeh or just the traditional cooked one?