Candy Cane Dessert Balls

Is it bad that I’ve been to Baagan twice this week – so far? Discovering a high-raw vegan casual dining gem near work might be a problem! Maybe not when lunch prices are comparable to Panera, but menu items much more me! I got a lovely massaged kale salad with almonds, pomegranate seeds, tomato, and a heavenly sweet dressing accompanied by a small bowl of chickpea soup and hot tea for lunch today since our temps were still in the 30s.

Perfect inexpensive and relaxing lunch break from a busy work day.

When it comes to chocolate, I’m not so cheap. And addicted to making raw dessert balls in my food processor lately. They’re super easy and a variety of pantry ingredients can be tossed in to create a tasty raw dessert. And the balls can be stored in the freezer to spread out the enjoyment. This recipe is heavy on sunflower seeds which makes the balls softer with a more fudge-like texture.

After processing the seeds, cacao powder, and salt to a blended power.

Then feeding in the pitted dates.

Tip: Buy medjool dates with the pits still in and don’t remove the pits until using. Pitted dates tend to be too dry in the center and not sticky enough to hold raw balls together.

After about 2 minutes of processing, the mixture looks like gooey fudge.

I just smashed the candy canes in a plastic bag using a glass jar, there are probably classier ways of doing it.

The candy cane chunks pulsed into the mixture nicely.

And they rolled easily into balls.

To make a nice holiday treat with a rich dark chocolate flavor blended with the mild peppermint from the candy cane.

Great to have a stash in the freezer for an energizing pre-workout snack or chocolate fix to combat holiday stress. Also a great edible gift.


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    Believe it or not, candy canes and peppermint are two items I cannot find anywhere in the stores down here…I tell them what I want and in broken English, we know what each other are talking about…but it’s one of those things they don’t stock. Candy canes! Otherwise I wanted to make some candycane balls this year…yours look fabulous!

  2. says

    Your lunch looks so yummy! Wish they had a place like that near me.

    The Candy Cane Dessert Balls are a great recipe for a quick holiday treat. Perfect for a hostess gift, eh? Thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you and yours!