Hurry Tofu Curry

The weather is dreary, chilly and gray and my shopping trip to Whole Foods was test of patience to say the least. But I’m still giddy because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have 4 days in a row off! It’s gonna be a totally chill Thanksgiving for us with family splitting off in other directions this year, it’ll just be 3 of us and way too much food. I love small scale celebrations because they’re a great excuse to experiment with new recipes not having to worry about offending anyone. And that’s exactly what my mom and I will be doing with vegan dishes. Can’t wait!

But this week has been insane at work, so much to do and so little time not leaving a lot of energy for kitchen experimenting when I get home. Tonight’s theme ingredient – cauliflower.

I always buy it even though I have an off and on again relationship with it because I’m determined to find more recipes using cauliflower I adore. Unfortunately I haven’t found many great raw recipes using it besides raw soups. But lightly steaming and sauteing it makes it much easier to digest for me and better tasting. I also adore it with curry. Well I adore a lot with curry, including bananas. I hit up AllRecipes for some curry inspiration and came across this highly-rated recipe. But about as far from vegan as you get – mayonnaise, butter, and cream of chicken soup? No thanks! And it’s time consuming for a weeknight steaming the cauliflower then baking for 30 minutes. Not happening after a busy day, especially if I’m cramming in a workout and chores! Naturally I veganized it and sped things up.

The sauce could be an interesting mix up with egg nog, but has a smooth and silky curry flavor that’s not overly strong. Up the curry powder to 1 tbsp. if you like strong curry.

I lightly steamed the chopped cauliflower in the microwave for 3 minutes while I melted some coconut oil in a skillet to saute.

Then sauteed the cauliflower and chopped asparagus in the oil over high heat until they had a nice char, about 5 minutes. And poured the curry sauce over the veggies.

Followed by sauteing for another 5 minutes or so until the veggies were coated in the sauce and the excess liquid gone.

That’s it, time to serve! Dinner in about 20 minutes instead of 45, my kind of weeknight recipe.

The curry flavor was perfect for me and the creamy coating on the veggies was light and airy contrasting the heavy cauliflower pleasantly and not hitting my stomach like a rock.

It was nice having time to slow down, relax and enjoy it candlelit while savoring the relaxing days ahead.

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  1. says

    Tonight’s theme ingredient – cauliflower. <– sounds like the opening lines to Iron Chef, and the secret ingredient is…

    Enjoy your 4 days off. Sounds like you need it.. Savor it!!

    And the pie you told me you're making sounds great.

    Love the title of this post, too :)

  2. says

    Yah, great title, I agree. Definitely enjoy your days off. Give thanks for time to relax. I’m home in CT with my family and my whole body and mind immediately reacted by relaxing and letting go of so much I didn’t even know I was holding onto. I hope your time off does something similar for you. I’m thankful for your blog and voice, which I have found to be very comforting to me and reminds me of simple but great dinner and lunch ideas. To good health and happy living!

  3. Ali says

    Yay for 4 days off for both you and me!
    On the topic of raw cauliflower, have you tried cauliflower tabouli? I was highly skeptical but love it so much I usually can’t stop eating it.
    Have a wonderful quiet Thanksgiving!