Spicy Curry Tempeh Skillet

Sometimes I like dish with a lot of spice and kick, one with a savory punch that burns a little. Especially while kicking a cold and looking for something to loosen things up and wake up my senses. This recipe is exactly that, it has plenty of spicy, curry kick.

Typically I don’t use canned foods, just on rare occasions. Except for coconut milk in this case since getting it fresh too tough, pricey, and time consuming with my work schedule lately. So I surrendered and used a can of the light stuff for this recipe. Whole Foods Organic can’t be that bad, right?


You could chop the zucchini, but spiral slicing it turns it into a fun, pasta-like texture that’s much lighter than actual pasta. And my World Cuisine Spiral Slicer is still my favorite for zucchini for being faster to use while still slicing it into smaller noodles thick enough to cook.


The sliced zucchini and julienne carrots looked a lot like pasta, but brighter and more colorful – perfect for a gray, rainy day.

The end result was delicious – creamy, savory, rich, slightly sweet, and very Thai inspired.

But the peppery curry kick might be a bit much, hold back on the cayenne pepper and reduce the garam masala if you like a milder kick.

It was a lot of fun to eat twirling zucchini noodles like pasta. It was also very filling, most tempeh dishes are for me with the hearty/nutty texture.

And it made great lunch leftovers that made the kitchen smell like sweet curry when re-heated. A nice way to warm my stomach up on this icky, windy and cold day.

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  1. says

    Omg that looks amazing!!

    “creamy, savory, rich, slightly sweet, and very Thai inspired.” — that is so me. The coconut milk (I’d hold the curry) but go extra with the garam masala…oh, it looks awesome!

    Love the long ribbon-ey shots, too!

    Great dinner time photography at an hour where photography is…hard!

  2. Lia says

    I guess I didn’t have to wait long hahaha! That’s what I get for catching up with blogs. This is happening as soon as I pick up some Tempeh! Yesss! Boyfriend appropriate too :D definitely a chilly night dish! Looks goooood!

    • says

      I’ve been on a tempeh kick lately, it’s a great protein source that works much better with my digestive system over beans and tofu.