I Can Have Chocolate for Dinner

Because I’m an adult and having a stressful day week month, I can have chocolate for dinner, right?

When I got home from work, my stomach was not so happy after a non-stop day. And I was craving chocolate, lots of chocolate. Since my last batch of energy balls are gone, I had to make more. I wanted to make this batch more dessert like with a creamier texture and sweeter flavor and nailed it.


I love raw desserts because most are throwing whole ingredients into a food processor to make something amazing fast. Some seeds/nuts, dates, bananas, and cacao powder can make a great dessert in minutes. And raw balls are fabulous because they store so well in the freezer and are wonderful to enjoy right out of it.

The mixture was more cake-like than my last batch because of the addition of almond butter and increased dates, so ball rolling seemed easier, less crumbly.

The flavor is wonderful, very sweet with a crunchy and rich texture from the chia seeds and almond butter. All you need is one, or two, to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Okay, so I did have a smoothie with these also to complete my dinner. But the balls were the star of the meal for sure. I think I might become a raw dessert queen to cope with my stress. :-)

Go and makes these now, you deserve it. :-)

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  1. says

    more dessert like with a creamier texture and sweeter flavor and nailed it = GOOD!!! that would be my preference, too.

    and i can only imagine how many balls you were rolling w/ 2 c of hemp seeds, 1 c of chia & 2 c of dates…that’s a lot of balls! better you rolling them all out than me. I get soooo impatient!

    glad they hit the spot. they look fab!

  2. says

    Your chocolate dinner balls look delectable! Little powerhouse orbs packed with raw chocolately goodness! I must try these. What a great go-to snack ( or dinner ;-) ) to have on hand. I hope your week/month gets better. I know I’ve had days where I’ve had “cheesecake” for dinner … ya know, cuz I’m an adult! he he Enjoy the rest of your week and savor the upcoming long weekend – (sans the Labor).

  3. Lia says

    I agree with the above: chocolate is a PERFECT match to stress :) they look good and the texture you describe sounds quite appealing

  4. says

    I made something similar last night–wish I saw your version first! I did 3-ingredient brownie balls: almonds, dates & cocoa powder. These are next on my list! :)

  5. says

    Aww these look so yummy! I don’t have a food processor in London (shame, I know..) but it’s on top of my wish-list. I miss making homemade raw bars and balls and crackers and and and…