Ginger Hemp Dolmas

Smokey has a rough life, can’t you tell?

It’s hard not feeling relaxed just looking at her. Gotta respect a cat that has no problem letting it all hang out and enjoying simple pleasures in life like cheap Ikea mats and sunlight.

She inspired me to focus on simple pleasures for dinner like my favorite little seed – hemp seeds.

I dug out a jar of grape leaves I impulsed bought at Whole Foods to try my hand at making dolmas.

Never working with them before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out they’re a hassle to get out of the jar, I had to yank the entire wad out to separate a few leaves. But they seemed pretty strong compared to delicate nori wraps. And there’s a ton of leaves in the jar, about 50! At 5 calories a pop, there’s plenty of low-cal wrap potential stuffed in that little jar.

I layered the hemp pate down the center of the leave with sliced zucchini and sprouted lentils.

Not the neatest wrapping job, but it’ll do. The dolmas were excellent with tangy, gingery flavor from the pate and a slight salty, vinegary punch from the marinated grape leaves. Because the grape leaves were a little salty, I’m glad I didn’t add too much to the pate.

I’m very happy with how the dolmas came out and assembled a few more for lunch tomorrow. If you’re a ginger fan, try this fast and easy pate in wraps, on salads, breads, crackers, or it’s good just spooned out of the food processor too. :-)

And don’t forget to enter my tempeh giveaway, I’ll pick a winner Friday!

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  1. says

    Wow…I have never made dolmas, had no idea that you could fit 50??!! leaves in that one tiny jar, had no idea that they could be that easy…seriously, learn something new every day!

    Great job on these!. Love the filling choices, too. And I bet you could take these in sooo many directions. Yum!