Savory Pepper Flax Chips

On my last trip to Costco, I bought a bag of 6 bell peppers thinking I might need them for the baby shower and ended up not. Then I promptly forgot about them in my fridge while I was experimenting with smoothie week. I found them over the weekend and needed to use them quick. Awhile back, I tired a raw chip recipe using red peppers that was tasty, but a little too spicy. Since I had a lot of time at home this weekend to run the dehydrator, I took this opportunity to create my own chip recipe using some of my favorite spices.


Yikes, 6 peppers filled my 14-cup food processor! For smaller models you might want to process the peppers in batches before adding the rest of the ingredients.

You can cut the recipe in half for small batches.

I’ve never been great at making perfectly flat sheets of “batter” on dehydrator trays, but getting better!

The pizza cutter did not cut through the non-stick sheets or even scratch them.

No need to flip the partially dried chips onto another non-stick sheet, that side should be dry enough to sit on the tray grate.

Then just peel the non-stick sheet off.

And pop trays back into the dehydrator to dry the other side.

This makes a lot of chips and it better for 6 peppers!  But the flavor is worth it, the tangy and rich pepper flavor is tangy and fabulous.

There’s a hint of curry, but not too strong and the texture is very crispy, a lot like a tortilla chip while the thicker areas are more like a Triscuit cracker.

I made sure to test these on hubby and family and they got rave reviews for the rich, but not over-powering flavor. They’d be great dipped in salsa, guacamole, hummus, nacho hemp sauce, etc. Or even as a raw pizza crust or thin bread.

What are your favorite chips?

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  1. says

    “Awhile back, I tired a raw chip recipe using red peppers that was tasty, but a little too spicy.”–

    I have had that happen w/ various raw dips ive made from recipes that use peppers. Between the peppers and the chili powder, i swear the recipe is a misprint but some ppl love it. To each her own!

    Good to know about the pizza cutter not cutting right thru things! I have always transferred to a cutting board and then cut but this saves dishes big time!

    ive made flax crackers and chips before and yes, flax seeds multiply and make lots of chips :)

  2. Ferdinand says

    hey, this recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it although I was wondering; do I really need to use the amino? what if I don’t? do you think it will be fine?
    please let me know! I really trust your opinion..
    thanks :)

  3. says

    Oh yes! I will be going thru some of your old posts! Thanks! :)

    These look and sound right up my alley! YAY! They looked like they turned out perfect! Good to know about the pizza cutter not cutting thru the plastic sheet! Thanks for the tip!