Banana Chocolate Kale Chips

This is a recipe that I’ve been thinking about for the last month or so, but my chaotic schedule has kept me from perfecting it. That finally happened this weekend! One of the main reasons I was so drawn to raw recipes nearly two years ago is their ability to take healthy, whole, natural ingredients and turn them into an amazing dish that hardly tastes as boring as a stereotypical salad. The ability to use vegetables and fruits as the base for rich sauces and desserts instead of processed, high calorie, cheap crap. And being able to enjoy chocolate in a whole new light … like coating kale, a super, nutrient dense green veggie, in a rich, decadent chocolate sauce turning it into a treat.


Using a flat, plastic spatula worked great for scooping the leftovers from the Vita-Mix container to enjoy. :-)

Massaging the kale leaves with the chocolate sauce was a gooey mess, lots of fun.

I tried half on the Excalibur non-stick sheets and half directly on the dehydrator trays, the chips directly on the trays seemed to crisp up faster even though it made the trays tougher to clean.

While drying, they made the house smell like a chocolate shop – yum!

The flavor of the chips is wonderful! Very rich, chocolaty and kind of s’mores-like interestingly enough. The dehydrated cacao powder tasted like toasted chocolate while the agave seemed to caramelize a bit creating a toasted marshmallow flavor. And it was a treat taking me back to childhood camping trips!

Like kale chips and chocolate? Try this!

How was your weekend and Mother’s Day?


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    • says

      Thanks, your chocolate kale chips look amazing too! My mom tried these couldn’t believe they didn’t taste like kale at all. :-P

  1. says

    ooh what a creative treat! i am with you sometimes it is so hard to try new things in the kitchen when we have to work 5 days a week :(. tonight i hope to try an asparagus gaucomole! have a great monday christine!

  2. Steph says

    I can’t imagine these tasting good – kale + chocolate… such a strange combination. I’m sure they taste amazing though. Do you think this would work in the oven on a low heat? I don’t have a dehydrator.

  3. Steph says

    Just to let you know, I finally tried these last night and they worked well in the oven. The taste was out of this world good too!!