Tempeh Miso Soup

Have I mentioned I’m ready to end this week? Yeah, today was another long and busy day at work. I woke up this morning with a wicked sinus headache, my head was throbbing with pain so bad that I almost called in sick. Thankfully it got better and I only have a minor headache now.  But I really hope not to be dealing with it or any cold symptoms for Sunday’s half marathon. Training for the half has done crazy things to my appetite, I find I’m much hungrier, but struggling with not wanting to eat too much. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to getting it over with and throttling back my running and appetite to more normal, less tiring levels. Until that, I’ve been grazing through the day more with many mini meals instead of three big meals. After grazing through a smoothie, fruit, a huge salad, trail-mix and nuts today, I was ready for a light and warming dinner and hot soup just sounded great with my sore head, slightly nauseous stomach and rainy weather.

I love miso soup, but am trying to cut my tofu intake and wanted to create a heartier version with tempeh and noodles. Only I didn’t have any noodles, but I did have a my spiralizer and zucchini.

It’s a lot like miso soup served at Japanese restaurants, but packs more protein, is more satisfying and fun with the zucchini noodles. It’s also super fast and easy to whip up. You can use a stronger miso, such as yellow or red, if you want a stronger flavor. I like the simple list of whole ingredients and it reminded me of a nice evening out for sushi with hubby.

How was your Thursday? Better than mine I hope! :-)



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    I love that you put zucchini noodles in the soup. I think i’d like them that way, I’m not in love with them raw. i love miso soup too.

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      I have mixed feelings on raw zucchini noodles too, I like them massaged with a little olive oil, lemon juice and dill – but not plain. They’re fun to use in cooked dishes too, I’ve sauteed them with marina sauce and tempeh before.

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      You’ll have fun with the spiralizer, it’s great for zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, cucumbers and even curly sweet potato fries. :-)

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    That is really cool that you put spiralized zuke noods in the soup!

    I wish you the BEST on your race!!! And i know what it’s like to just want a goal to be DONE with…like finallly, get on with it already. Yes, I know the feeling. Here’s to you having a great race!

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    I wonder if part of your feeling poorly is related to tapering? I find the week before a long race my body sort of collapses. But you nourished it last night with that amazing soup! (I bookmarked the recipe — and you’re nudging me closer to a spiralizer! LOL) Get lots of rest this weekend!

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      That could be with the tapering, I was training pretty hard before and my legs still feel a bit tired.

      You’ve gotta get a spiralizer, they’re so much fun and perfect for summer cucumber “noodle” salads.

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    I am a fan of The Raw Project and that’s why I’m passing on the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ to you – congrats! Visit The Daily Raw Cafe to find out what to do next.