Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello and happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully everyone is have a wonderful day with family and food. I’m wiped after spending most of the day in the kitchen prepping foods to take tonight, so this will be a post of little words. :-) It’s a chilly day here and I got to scamper through a frost covered lawn to grab our 40 lb. paper this morning. The frost was gorgeous though.

I spent about 30 minutes looking through the black Friday ads and sipping coffee this morning before feeling overwhelmed, so many deals to process! Nothing tempting enough for me wait in freezing temps at 4 AM tomorrow and I feel for anyone having to work retail that early!

For an appetizer, I decided on kale chips. But not just any, I did spicy nacho hemp sauce to make a raw version of Spicy Doritos.

Next I chose a raw pumpkin pie from scratch. I’ve been avoiding most raw pumpkin pie recipes because they’re not pumpkin, but carrot and avocado seasoned to taste like pumpkin. But this raw pumpkin pie recipe uses actual pumpkin and looked simple enough.

Working with raw pumpkin is not easy! It took me 20 minutes to chop the pumpkin and separate the “meat” alone, then shred it using my food processor and blend the shredded pumpkin with the rest of the ingredients with it to make the filling. This recipe had me cleaning my food processor 3 times! But it was worth it because the flavor is amazing on the filling and the texture with very thick, creamy and rich. We’ll see how it stacks up to a traditional pumpkin pie tonight with my family!

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    last post, lentils and bnut squash looks delish. anything w/ coconut oil is always a winner :)

    the spicy doritos kale chips. I make some like that…always a hit! I just also make the sauce to eat as a dip. There is no way to go wrong w/ red pepps, cashews, nooch, lemon, salt, etc…always good!

    The raw pie! I made one last year, not this yr. Have linked it a zillion times. I used canned pumpkin puree. Which i have heard is actually squash, libby’s , tj’s, etc all i have heard use squash not real pumpkin. Why? b/c clearly as you found out, working w/ real pumpkin is a PITA! lol

    But glad you rocked the pie out…YUM!


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      Thanks on the lentil dish, the coconut oil added a nice richness to it. Totally on the kale chips, the sauce was hemp seed based for these using Kristen Suzanne’s spicy nacho sauce and it works great as a dip or kale chip coating. :-)

      The pie was a hit, every piece served was fully consumed. Everyone appreciated that it tasted like “real” pumpkin. It was a lot of effort, but worth it for the holiday.

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    You’ve been a busy little bee in the kitchen. I know what you mean about ‘raw pumpkin pies’ not being pumpkin so I am pleased to have found your reference to this proper pumpkin one, despite the hard work it looks to be. Meh, think I’ll still give it a shot.

    Check out the frost on that leaf! It only seems like yesterday it was summer.

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      The pie was worth it because it was a hit with the family. I have a problem with the “fake” raw pumpkin pies using avocado and carrot instead because avocados aren’t in season, so technically it’s not a fall pie. Anal, I know. :-P Anyway, try this pie, it tasted very close to the cooked pies I remember from the past, but had a richer texture.