More Hummus & Vegan Sushi

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Yesterday for lunch, I had a lot of zucchini and broccoli to use up, so I made a messy snack plate using Gena’s Broccoli Hummus, carrot, cucumber and red pepper sticks.

It made a wonderfully filling lunch, perfect before running out the door for a noon appointment and a little shopping.

Later in the afternoon, hubby and I ventured to midtown Sacramento to pick up our race packets for tomorrows 5K and I had my heart set on having dinner at The Green Boheme, but as luck would have it, they shut down until a grand reopening next week – bummer! So we ended up eating at Taro’s instead. They also had an impressive vegan/vegetarian menu.

I got the Rabbit Roll and fried tofu. The roll was amazing, by far the best vegan roll I’ve had so far.

Loaded with greens, avocado and asparagus – yum! And doesn’t the fried tofu look divine?

It was a new taste adventure, tofu turns into a creamy custard texture when tempura fried and it was fabulous! Not the healthiest meal, but I’m not worrying about that too much with all the training and activity this weekend.

Anyway, lunch today was hummus leftovers with lightly steamed corn.

I added jicama sticks for dipping. I love just eating jicama raw, it has such a crisp, lightly sweet flavor that screams summer.

Dinner was a huge veggie fest, I created Ani’s oregano salad and a ginger stir fry with asparagus, baby chard leaves, red onion and red cabbage. For the sauce, I pureed shoyu, carrots, fresh ginger and garlic in the Vita-Mix, it came out great with not-overpowering ginger flavor.

Italian and Asian themed, I guess this would be a fusion dinner!  But they did go nicely together and Ani’s noodle salad is a fun dish that I prefer smashing the avocados into for a creamier texture instead of having neat avocado chunks. It’s been a great tasting weekend so far! Tomorrow morning, we get to leave the house nice and early for the 5k run, yay! So we’ll be crashing early after a little TV catch up – exciting, I know. :-P What are your Memorial Day plans?

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  1. says

    “Rabbit Roll and fried tofu. The roll was amazing, by far the best vegan roll I’ve had so far.”

    OMG That looks like the best vegan sushi roll i have ever seen. WOW!!!!! I can taste the green in it from here

    and the tofu looks perfect

    brock hummus, i can see where that would be super filling and the jicama stix, yes, summer for sure!