Leftovers & Tempeh

Good news everyone, the weekend is getting closer! Well my sore throat calmed down nicely only to have my nose turn into a fountain! The amount of tissue I had to use at work today is not very eco-friendly! I feel bad for whoever has to empty my trash at work. :-P But, my nose started settling down once I left work. Despite my cold symptoms, I went for a 3 mile run last night to mix things up in the cardio department and train for two upcoming 5ks. The run actually did not kill me, I could of put in another lap, but opted not to stress it. Good thing too because I’m feeling it in my thighs today. I’ll stick to my elliptical routine tonight and run again tomorrow night.

Another plus is I did not cut myself while chopping for my breakfast smoothie, woot!

3 carrots, spinach, sprouts, blueberries and hemp protein for breakfast, I like having more veggies than many people eat in a day before I even leave the house. :-P

For lunch I had leftovers of Ani’s Cauliflower Mash with Mushroom Gravy and a pretty salad.

I wasn’t too hungry, my stomach was a little unhappy with my sinuses going nuts. But it woke up later in the afternoon for a snack.

By the time I got home from work, I was ready for a decent dinner, I promised hubby he could cook tonight – vegan tempeh stir fry.

It came out very good, though next time I might puree an orange, garlic and shoyu in the Vita-Mix for the sauce. This was the first time I’ve tried tempeh and in general rarely eat soy products. I bought it this week to try and supplement protein while I’m reducing my nut and bean intake. Tempeh is pretty good and went nicely into this stir fry, it has a nutty texture and flavor while being very filling. Probably something I’ll keep around for emergency quick meals.

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