Kale Chips

It’s probably a crime that I have not made kale chips in my Excalibur dehydrator yet and I’ve have it for months! Wouldn’t you know I started seriously craving them during my “reduced nut intake” weeks and most of the recipes I’ve seen call for cashews.  My goals for the next few weeks or so is to reduce my raw, whole nut intake and up my protein a bit to address a skin issue eating many whole, raw nuts may be causing. One of the ways I’ve been doing that is substituting pureed cashews in many raw recipes with hemp seeds because they’re similar in calories and flavor to me, but hemp seeds have more protein per serving than cashews and less fat. So I played mad scientist in the kitchen last night and created a simple kale chip recipe that worked!


Another nice thing about this recipe is no nut soaking required, something I often forget to do anyway. I took a container to my mom and she had to restrain herself from eating the whole thing in one sitting. :-) My husband also gave this recipe a thumbs up. Enjoy!

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    Christine, great job on these! They look pretty similar to my recipe Ive been using except it’s 1 c of hemp seeds vs 1 c cashews. Good to know I can make the substitution if i ever need to. I use more nooch though, Im a noochy lover :)

    Great job and they look sooo good!

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    These look so good! For some reason we rarely have kale over here. Wonder why that is.
    I’ve been dying to try kale chips for ages!