Festive Lentils and Quinoa

It has been nice to relax and tackle a little housework so far this weekend after a busy week. Skipper agrees, he’s been covering his hammock bed with more fur and dirt for us to vacuum.


Poor Miko is a little bored with us, he was ready to play and play after a quiet week. But it was a little too hot outside to go for walks during the day and I always feel guilty about that.


We did make a trip to Trader Joe’s to load up for the week and I grabbed a gorgeous box of heirloom tomatoes since they’re in season and cheap now.


Which inspired a feisty lentil and quinoa one-pot meal recipe. Since I’m toying with training for another half marathon and going for longer weekend runs, I’m craving more quinoa dishes. Quinoa seems to be the best pre-run food for me, energizing and no bloat. And great paired with lentils because they have similar cook times and liquid amounts and create a high protein and satisfying dish.



After about 20 minutes, the loose liquid was gone and ready to serve. Because this recipe uses no oil, frequent stirring helps prevent sticking.


I topped a serving with Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella shreds which I have not purchased in awhile and splurged on. The shreds are now thicker, more like traditional mozzarella, but still melt nicely with a smooth texture.


The flavor is wonderful with a slight kicky chili flare and hearty texture. And leftovers are great for easy work lunches that can be enjoyed chilled with greens or re-heated with added veggies.

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  1. says

    I wish that heirloom tomatoes were cheap here but they aren’t! Oye!
    The dish looks great! The pups are sweet as usual! We’ve been at cool temperatures for August so far! I wish it were warmer here!