Vegan Wine & Cheese Mixer

Whew, what a weekend. Yesterday was a packed day of going to the gym, farmer’s market, seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (awesome!), and attended a Vegan Wine & Cheese Mixer at The Plum Cafe in Sacramento. For $15, we got to taste a lot of vegan wines and artisan vegan cheese from Miyoko Schinner. There was a huge turnout for the event 100+ vegans and vegan-curious. I adore The Plum Cafe because it’s located in a old house on K Street in midtown Sacramento with a lovely dining patio in front and back. The wine and cheese was served in the event area upstairs while the party and socializing was mainly on the back dining patio.

IMG_5808The presentation was lovely.




And all the cheeses were amazing, my favorite was the smoked vegan cheese because it’s been ages since I’ve had a smoked cheese.


The back patio was welcoming and festive with fresh sunflowers and nicely lit chandeliers.


As a blogger, I packed my DSLR camera and flash for the event and ended up being the event photographer since I was the only one with a nice camera and flash that worked well for the dark patio lighting. It was my first photography gig, I scored a generous gift card for snapping party pics! I spent some time this morning sorting through the pics and my notes to email them to the correct people. It worked out perfect for me because I’m social to a certain point, but not a turbo social butterfly that can work a room. So having the excuse to snap everyone’s pictures was a great way to meet new people and have fun.

I did take a break for dinner and ordered the vegan nachos plate which was incredible!


I’m not a stranger to nachos from The Plum Cafe, I’ve had them at least 3 times in the past, here, here, and here. You might say I have an addiction, but I believe a good plate of vegan nachos must be enjoyed while avocados are in season! And I adore that the plate is a little different and unique each time.

Then it was back snapping and chatting on the patio.


This event was really great, I met and talked with a lot of vegans. I found more vegan runners, more with a passion for creating recipes too, and we traded great local places to eat out at and ideas for future events. And gained more Facebook vegan friends.

Towards the end of the evening, all the leftover wine was brought to the patio for guests to finish off and we did.


I browsed the vegan desserts on the way out.


And had to really fight temptation to scarf down one of the amazing looking rocky road cupcakes.


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  1. says

    I was supposed to attend this event, but wasn’t feeling well. So glad that there was a great turnout and that you were able to try Miyoko’s yummy cheese. It’s out of this world delicious. Thanks for sharing, especially since I wasn’t able to make it!

  2. says

    This event sounds AWESOME!!!! Wow! I wish we had more events like this!!!! Of course I am still flying high from the happiness of WNY VegFest! Just getting ready to post more about it before hitting the road again :)