Hemp-gurt Dressing

Whew, that weekend went by quick, boo. It was a productive weekend for us and a very lazy weekend for the pets with triple digit heat outside again. They were happy to chill inside, Skipper especially on his fur-covered hammock bed.


Miko was happy to hog all the soft, clean blankets.


Shadow preferred just crashing on the cool floor.


Smokey took her favorite spot on the couch to watch over everyone.


And Leela has been a little freaked out from house flies buzzing around the house, she hates them!


And nervously clings to me when one is flying around. Must have been a traumatizing fly experience before we adopted her because she is not a happy camper when one gets inside.

Saturday I threw together an interesting curry dish in a wok that used no oil. I filled the wok with about an inch of water and simmered 1/4 cup of dried quinoa, chopped tofu, green beans for about 20 minutes with curry powder, garlic, dill, a little tamari, and onion powder.


The water was absorbed nicely by the quinoa and simmered away creating a tasty and simple one pot meal with no added oil.


Tonight I was inspired by a Greek yogurt dressing to create a similar version using hemp seeds in place of the yogurt and oil in the dressing. The result was a tangy, creamy dill dressing that added a wonderful flavor to a spinach salad.

The ingredients are fast to throw into the blender, especially with a big bin of shelled hemp seeds ready to go in my freezer. That bag is pricy, but it lasts for months in the freezer.


And can be used in so many recipes.


This dressing coated a spinach salad with chopped tempeh to make a meal salad.


The creamy texture was perfect for coating spinach leaves and added a healthy tangy and creamy zing.


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