State Fair & Protein Pasta

Getting back to the grind after a long weekend has been tough, there’s a lot going on at work and I’m thankful it’s a short week. Tuesday my mom and I headed to the California State fair for a final day of birthday fun and the weather was perfect in the 80s instead of triple digit heat and it even drizzled a little rain, perfect! I loved wondering the garden section getting inspiration for our own garden.


Like the recycled water bottle green house and clever use of painted tires.

Vegan options were a little week for fair food, bacon wrapped everything seems to be the food theme this year and it wasn’t pretty! I ended up getting a simple steamed rice and veggie plate drizzled with soy sauce and sriracha which wasn’t bad and cheap by fair food standards, but not exciting. We skipped the massive crowds in the main eating area and took our plates to the wine tasting table area which was perfect since it wasn’t crowded and in a nice shady and breezy area.


And Tuesdays are $1 ride days which is a great deal considering they’re usually $4+ each. For that price, I re-visited my childhood and rode about 7 crazy spiny rides and they were good. But I started feeling a little dizzy and tired at the end. I must be getting old!


The fair is fun, the people watching never gets old. Neither do the crazy products for sale, California county displays, and fascinating art and history displays. But after spending the day walking and riding, I was ready to head home for a high protein dinner with hubby. He cooked up the Explore Asian Organic Soybean Spaghetti I impulse bought on our trip to Berkeley.


Calorie wise it’s pretty similar to traditional pasta except that most of the calories come from protein – 23 grams per serving! And it only has two ingredients – organic soybeans and water. That’s my type of ingredient list! It’s also gluten free.


For such wonderful stats, it looks a lot like traditional pasta.


And cooks just like it in boiling water for a similar amount of time.


We mixed it with Trader Joe’s Marinara sauce and Gardein’s Beefless Ground for a protein loaded treat.


The spaghetti broke up a little more than traditional pasta during cooking, but that didn’t bother me. The texture of the spaghetti is different, it’s more meaty and chewy with a heartier flavor. That was not a problem for me, I really enjoyed it. Hubby also liked it, but said it wasn’t a traditional pasta experience for him. But he’d still have it again.


Unfortunately Whole Foods does not have this pasta (yet?) and it’s not easy to find online. I might need to make another trip to Berkeley! I may need to try their Black Bean Pasta next!

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    LOVE the fair photos! Neat shots! Way to make something out of nothing with the food, too! I will be facing that all next week…sigh…but I do have a bunch of things on tap to bring for snacks, too, just in case :)

    That bean pasta! neat! I have the black bean pasta at home and they just came out with an Adzuki Bean one that I will be ordering with my next RawFoodWorld order :)