Chocolate Cherry Banana Soft Serve

Guess what day it is…. hump day! It’d be pretty awesome if a camel wandered through our office. Miko seems to be in a slump today and a little frustrated with me for not paying enough attention to him.


He’s happily at my feet now in his favorite mushy bed. But I needed a slump pick-me-up dinner and decided that should be chocolate soft serve with strawberries! I just love banana soft serve, so darn easy to whip up and customize and delicious. While being a little more nutritionally dense than traditional ice cream, a plus too.


For the stevia, I used NuNaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla NuStevia, also great in smoothies and coffee.


Four simple ingredients looked like a pretty amazing treat in the food processor.


But I decided to top it with another NuNaturals product – NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup for added splurge.


For a sugar free dessert, it was a decadent chocolaty treat and perfect after another day of triple-digit heat.


The soft serve has a rich, dark chocolate flavor while not being too sweet, but just sweet enough. I adore that about most raw desserts because the sweet does not overpower the flavor. Hey, this could even be a good breakfast, just add a serving of vegan protein powder, hmmm…

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