Summer Dill Dressing & A Standing Desk

Awhile back I supported a Kickstarter for The UpStanding Desk and received one of the first desks off the production line for it this week! I’ve been curious about trying a standing desk for awhile after reading about all the benefits on LifeHacker, but not thrilled about the idea of buying a pricey desk to replace my existing desk. The UpStanding desk seemed like a stylish solution to convert my existing desk to a standing desk while not being insanely pricey and easy to change if it does not work. Hubby sweetly set it up for me today and it looks great!

Basically it’s a wood add-on stand for existing sitting desks and it’s added storage space to my current desk.


It will take a little getting used to and I need to find a good anti-fatigue mat for the floor, but I’m determined to try it for the next month and report back on how the adjustment is going. And not feeling guilty for sitting at my computer for too long researching and writing recipes!

I can’t feel guilty about this summer themed creamy dill salad dressing, it’s a great way to add a creamy summery flavor to a salad using the good fats in avocado and with a bright and fun dilly flavor.

The thick and creamy texture of the dressing was perfect for coating a loaded romaine salad.


And topping with shelled hemp seeds and more nutritional yeast, yum.


The flavor has a bright, tangy, and slightly kicky dill flavor, great paired with a refreshing and cool summer salad or using as a dip for veggie sticks.


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  1. says

    I was doing really great at standing to work, but then just kind of stopped. I think because I didn’t take the time to build an awesome desk like you did!! Now I’m motivated to get back to it!

  2. says

    Might have to try something like that because I am in front of a computer for at least 9 hours a day and now with the extra writing I’m doing even more! I have been doing some standing while doing 2 to 4 hours in the evenings tho :)