Tomato Avocado Dressing

This is shaping up to be a busy week with lots going on at work, another work potluck, and two days of training in the city for me. That’s all good, except Miko would like me to make more time to play with him.


And Skipper would like more walks. He does his happy downward dog dance when it hears me getting the leashes out.


Shadow is hanging in there, still skinny and not happy about taking his pills. He finished the round of antibiotics and his intestinal problems have returned. I’ve been talking with a few helpful friends about trying different foods to help with that issue.



Keeping our fingers crossed and being very patient with him and hoping for good news at his next vet follow up.

I bought a huge bag of avocados at Costco last week which I should know better since they always ripen at the same time. But having a stash of ripe avocados in the fridge means creamy avocado salad dressings! I was craving garlic with this dressing and used Italian inspired flavors with a little flare.



Avocado dressings are thick, creamy, and decadent. But with good fats, so I love coating an entire salad with them!



Yes that’s chopped pear in the salad, I was in an interesting mood. But it worked! The dressing is very creamy with a savory and tangy garlic flavor and a mild flare from the pepper flakes, perfect for balancing the sometimes slight bitter flavor of raw kale.


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