Garlic Ginger Dressing

Leela is getting a little tired of me this week, a little huffy that I’m not spending enough time with her. And she’s discovered a new way to get my attention by sitting under the coffee table growling and woofing when I’m watching TV.


Clever girl.

Skipper is his usual happy-go-lucky self eagerly following me around the house for any hints of meal or walk time.


And constantly checking the kitchen floor for scraps, carrots and kale are his favorite and lucky him I drop plenty of those whipping up salads.

Shadow is hanging in there and still not happy about taking 3 pills a day. Poor guy heads straight to the water bowl as soon as I toss then in.


Tomorrow is his follow up vet appointment and I’m hoping for the best.

Tonight is a salad night and I created a punchy new dressing for using drops of NuNaturals Pure Liquid NuStevia in place of medjool dates or agave nectar for a playful sweetness.


I threw together a simple romaine and tofu salad with tomatoes and peppers and coated it with this dressing to make it a meal salad.


And a little bit of the dressing goes a long way with the strong garlic flavor and tangy ginger with a slight hint of sweet.


The strong flavor pairs well with the mild romaine leaves, almost like a Caesar dressing with more garlic flare and very nice.

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