Sweet Carrot Dill Dressing

Summer is definitely here with more days of triple digit heat and Miko is ready to party all the time. He loves bringing us toys to throw and he has a collection of them stashed all over the house.


Getting up early and heading into an office is tough when the sun is shining and I see so many people out enjoying it for early runs and walks. Yes, I’m very thankful for my job and the air conditioning it provides. But a vacation is sounding nice too! For now I’ll celebrate summer with a cool and colorful salad coated with a playfully sweet dill dressing that’s hearty, thick, and creamy.


The dressing is thick, but perfect for coating a salad with sweet and savory.


I threw in chopped tempeh to make it a meal salad and a pretty salad.


It has a sweet and bright dill flavor with a playful savory hint and added a lot of flavor to the plain spinach leaves.


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    WOWZA! Has it really been this long since I commented? I’m sorry!!!! WOW! Miko’s cute as ever :) Love the action shots and toy playing! LOVE LOVE LOVE your salads and dressings – never a dull moment there!