Creamy Herb Dressing

When I was at Whole Foods last weekend, I impulsed purchased these Tru Roots Organic Sprouted Green Lentils because they were on sale. Truthfully the concept freaked me out a little cooking what was once live sprouted lentils, but I decided to give this a try. They cook in about half the time of non-sprouted lentils and sprouted foods are said to have a higher protein and nutrient content.


The dried sprouted lentils are interesting looking.


But cooked very fast, in about 10 minutes total.



I drained and cooled them for a kale salad using a new dressing creation. Currently I have an explosion of mint, rosemary, and green onions in the garden and have been trying to use them up. This dressing uses a sprig of fresh rosemary and fresh green onion blended with Dijon mustard for a tangy kick.

The dressing coated the lentil loaded salad nicely.


I topped it with a little hemp seed parmesan for a hearty meal salad.


It has a bright and tangy flavor with smooth creamy texture, great for complimenting raw kale leaves. And the lentils worked great in the salad too adding a heartiness and protein for an easy meal salad.

Of course, I had to share my carrot scraps with Miko and Skipper who are huge fans.



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