Creamy Carrot Miso Slaw

Happy long Memorial Day weekend! And it’s been wonderfully relaxing here so far, though I need to catch up on some house stuff today. Last week was the perfect storm of chaos with work and home stress with hubby out-of-town. Thankfully he made it home safely and we had a relaxing, easy day yesterday of taking a leisurely trip to the gym, then out to see X-Men later, which was awesome, and a fun small Whole Foods shopping trip. Shadow got into the spirit too by laying around on the cool floors all day.


While Smokey caught up on a little cleaning of her own.


When it comes to summer holidays, I think of simple, whole, and fresh recipes to kind of go with the simple, relaxed theme. Sliced watermelon, cool salads, and maybe simple grilled zucchini and artichokes scream summertime to me. I threw together an easy slaw salad last night with a lot of flavor that was refreshing and cool which is good since we’re in the high 90s the weekend. The dressing is a creamy, Asian-style miso sauce that’s savory, sweet, and tangy without adding oil or sugar.

For the salad, I julienned 4 carrots, thinly sliced red cabbage, and chopped green onions for a tasty and colorful blend.


And coated the mixture in the dressing for a cool Asian-themed slaw.


It paired nicely with lightly salted edamame for a simple and light dinner.


The dressing works perfectly with the slightly sweet carrots, kicky green onions, and crunchy cabbage adding a bright and tangy flavor. It’s a fun and healthy way to switch out the traditional slaw or potato salad dish at a summer BBQ.

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    Well, we were in the parking lot to the theatre to watch X-Men and left! Grrrrr! I still need to watch it but we decided to go buy a new Carpet Shampooer and got it home and started doing my floors and it died 10 mins into the cleaning so we had to take it back! OMG! Such cute cat photos! Oh! I need to buy more Miso! Thanks for the reminder :) LOVE the color of that cabbage! WOW! Lovely photos and recipes – as usual!

    • says

      Wow, how’d you choose carpet shampooing over X-Men?! And frustrating about the machine, so sorry. That’s a sign to get rid of the carpet. :-) Thanks on the photos.