WIAW with Leftovers and Curry

Miko has discovered that Skipper is older and a little slower being blind, so he’s mastered sneaking parts of Skipper’s treats while he’s crunching them up and eating them like a little ninja.


So innocent looking.


Don’t worry, Skipper still gets plenty of food and treats with multiple meals a day.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday again, woohoo!

Whew, it’s been a week already. Lots of factors coming together to make this week extra challenging like hubby on business travel, I’m on call for work, and lots of big projects. Today was all about simple comfort foods with my usual smoothie to go for breakfast with Garden of Life’s Raw Protein powder, Vitamineral Green powder, banana, kale, carrots, ginger, cinnamon, and stevia.


I had to run home for a hurried lunch while playing with the dogs, so I had leftover salad with creamy mint dressing, watermelon, and edamame for an interesting lunch.


For snack, I had a pear at my desk.


And for dinner I needed to use up these potatoes that came in last week’s farm box.


I chopped them up and simmered in a curry stew with textured vegetable protein and carrots for a simple one pot meal.


And it was nicely hearty after a long day with a creamy curry kick.


Not a bad day of eats and I have plenty of leftover curry stew for another hurried lunch tomorrow.

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  1. says

    OMG! Miko! So sweet! Yet so sneaky! LOL
    Riley is our “hoover” or “hog” :P

    LOVED seeing your foods! Thanks for the reminder about WIW I have to hop over there and submit mine :)

    Awesome Curry, too!