Kale Pesto

Happy weekend! How’s yours going? A little too fast here, not sure I’m ready to head back to work tomorrow after last week’s business, but oh well. I adore kale and have it multiple times a day frequently between smoothies and salads. But I’m also in a bit of a rut with it using it in just smoothies and salads. I decided to get a little creative with it this time and turn baby kale leaves into a chunky, hemp seed pesto to coat carrot “noodles”.


The color is gorgeously green and vibrant, perfect for pairing with bright orange carrots.



And I had to share the carrots with Miko, he’s quite the fan of crunching away on them.



I served the pesto carrot “pasta” topped with hemp seed Parmesan and a steamed artichoke for a veggie loaded dinner.


The pesto has a bright, tangy, and punchy garlic flavor with nice texture that’s not greasy or slimy.


And looks very pretty topping carrots.

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    I’ve been making a lot of Pesto lately, too! Mostly with Walnuts and/or Pine Nuts for the nut part. I will be doing some others with Hemp Seeds this week, I think :) I’m going to try and do ALL RAW this week. I just finished a post about the surprises in the container garden this morning and will have another post about the start of ALL RAW WEEK in an hour or two :)