Simple Dijon Dressing

Aw, Friday is almost here. I’m ready, I spent all day at work running cable and moving/setting up new computer equipment. And dragged myself to the gym after, but opted to use the elliptical instead of running since I’ve been on my feet most of the day. Last night we took the dogs for a long walk to check out the gorgeous full moon and grazing sheep near our subdivision and it was perfect out.


It was such a great walk that Skipper immediately crashed in the front hall when we got home.


It’s been abnormally hot this week, we’re already in triple digit heat reading 105 when I left work yesterday and it’s not even summer!  It’s a little scary with all the climate change coverage in the news lately, yikes. Thankfully temps go back down to normal for the weekend. Since it’s been so hot this week, I’ve been craving a lot of salads and watermelon. I threw together this simple hemp seed Dijon dressing to go on a huge tempeh kale dinner salad that came out good, tangy, savory, creamy, and not too much of either.


Nothing like a vibrant salad for dinner and this dressing coated it evenly with a kicky Dijon flavor.


My dinner buddy agreed, he was very ready to help himself to my plate!


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  1. says

    OMG! Those pics of Miko! Crackin’ me up!
    It’s been cool, here, I really LOVE hot weather, tho! But it IS scary with everything in the news!