Dry Skin Brushing & Raw Cheddar Sauce

TGIF! I am ready for a little fun this weekend after busy days at work. I ordered myself a little splurge gift from Amazon, the Tampico Skin Brush.


From the product description:

Skin Brush helps remove dead skin cells and promotes circulation and the natural relief and cleansing process that occurs through the pores of the skin.

I first read about dry skin brushing on a health site months ago and was a little skeptical, but the good reviews and low price on this brush was too tempting. Dry brushing skin is supposed to help remove dead skin cells, promote cell renewal, tighter skin, and other claims I’m skeptical about such as increased blood flow and aiding digestion and kidney function. But here’s some light reading on it:

It’s interesting stuff and I’m gonna try to do it at least once a day this month and report back on the progress at the end of this month.

The weather here has been lovely if a little hot, perfect for eating outside at Whole Foods which hubby and I did today. I had my usual massive salad with ginger dressing – yum.


And I came up with a simple, gooey raw vegan cheddar style sauce earlier this week to coat lightly steamed veggies. It’s packs hemp seeds and chia seeds making it a gooey, but tasty party!


The sauce is very thick, it had to be scooped out, a lot like a creamy mac n’ cheese sauce.


Perfect for coating the veggies and making them a hearty side dish and would also be great for a main dish with hearty protein in the sauce.


The flavor is creamy, slightly tangy, and savory like a cheddar sauce and it comes together faster than you could nuke easy mac.

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    LOVE your recipe! It came up on a Google Alert because you mentioned skin brushing (I wrote a book about skin brushing!). I’m so glad to find it because Dr Eric Berg, one of my health heroes, says to take nutritional yeast rather than vitamin B tablets. Much healthier, apparently. I couldn’t think of ways to get it down though! I love the other ingredients in your recipe so I’m thinking I’ll like it. Will definitely try it, thanks. x

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    I’ve been thinking about Skin Brushing! Thanks for this! I have done some Oil Pulling from time to time and am thinking about getting into it again soon!

    • says

      No problem, but finding time to do it has been an issue since I’m usually sweaty after a workout when I shower and don’t want to brush then. Making it a habit when brushing my teeth before bed seems to work best.