Creamy Italian Dressing

Friday is almost here, woohoo! And I have lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend which will be so nice after this crazy week at work. The pups are looking forward to the weekend too for having more play time with us, poor Miko gets a little frustrated when we don’t play with him a lot in the evenings.


Leela too, she loves lots of walk.


Not Skipper, he’s up for whatever lately, especially if it involves eating or slurping hubby’s face.


I came home to a wonderful treat last night after a long day, hubby prepared a beautiful vegan dinner with curried lentils and steamed veggies.


He wasn’t following a recipe, just experimenting with spices and nailed it.


Such an awesome surprise!

Another awesome surprise was getting a farm box this morning with new mushrooms to try – a bunapi mushroom.


Silly me ran to Costco last night to load up on produce forgetting that we were also getting a farm box, so we’re stocked with fresh veggies and fruit!


You should see the fridge too! No problem, I’ll make short work of this! Starting with another huge dinner salad tonight because salads are my go to comfort food when things get a little crazy – turn up the nutrients with stress, right? I created a simple, but poppy and flavorful dressing to go with it using hemp seeds for a creamy texture and added protein.

The texture looks a lot like a creamy ranch dressing.


But the flavor is a wonderful blend of tangy and savory with a herb flare.


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    Those shrooms sound awesome :) LOVE the produce pics too! VERY nice! LOTS of stuff! Awesome!!!!! So sweet pics of the pups, too! And that dressing! WOWZA! Wonderful!