Curried Quinoa & Broccoli

I’ve been a little obsessed with this refrigerated package of simply pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joe’s.


For a few dollars, it has 5 large servings that are ready for soups, salads, or any other fast weeknight creation. And it comes in a packed loaf that’s easy to slice into servings and break apart.


Last night I tossed a large serving with chopped tomato, bell pepper, and carrots and tossed in garlic powder, dried parsley, salt, a smokey seasoning blend, lemon juice, and nutritional yeast to taste.


It made a great one-pot meal for me that was a beautiful presentation of color.


And it was simple and fast which is perfect after a busy Monday.

Tonight I was craving quinoa and needed to use up the last bit of broccoli in the fridge, so I paired the two in a quick quinoa recipe with great flare and texture.

I skipped adding oil into this recipe and I don’t think it needed it, the broccoli broke down and blended with the quinoa giving it a hearty and rich texture.


And it was great topped with nutritional yeast and a dash of smokey seasonings, the curry flavor is present and counters the strong broccoli flavor without being too strong. The ginger and garlic add a nice zing.


And leftovers would be great chilled over a salad the next day.

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  1. says

    OHHHHHHH! I forgot to tell you!!!!! Because of your post a while back – I specifically looked for these when I was at Trader Joe’s during my time off earlier this month! I bought them and they have been in my frig! I hope to do something with them in the next week or so! This looks wonderful! LOVELY flavors, here! Thanks for the suggestions…I know I will LOVE them!

  2. Cindy Shear says

    Hi, You might want to add the miso, diluted in cool water at the end. Boiling it kills off the beneficial enzymes!
    Sounds comforting, and good.