Broccoli Banana Soup

Whoa, it’s Sunday already? Where did the weekend go? It’s been a great, but busy weekend here. I did get a little down time to enjoy the backyard and start a little yard work. And we got a visit from our neighbor’s sweet kitty.


Who is enjoying the long grass in our backyard now.


The guys enjoying checking out the grass and weeds too as I start drawing up plans for some big garden changes in the next month or so.


The weather was gorgeous this weekend, clear and perfect temp for my run this morning.


Friday was a loooong day at work that involved overtime, a co-worker and I hit the road bright and early for Fairfield to take care of network upgrades for our office there. The drive there on 80 was gorgeous with a pretty view of lots of balloons floating around.



The office is smaller and they usually order in lunch from various local places. Friday they were ordering from L&L Hawaiian BBQ and it turns out there’s nothing close to being vegan friendly on it. Seriously, everything is seasoned with pork! I was fine with a simple side salad and the snacks I packed for the day, but my sweet co-worker insisted we head to another nearby cafe place instead and it worked out much better, I got this wonderful vegan burrito with beans, avocado, and plenty of veggies.


When I finally made it back home, I rushed back out to hubby’s band gig a few cities away. Even though I was a little tired, it was great seeing the guys in action, playing photographer, and hanging out with friends. And seeing how their talent has grown even since the last gig, men with instruments is just sexy. Right?


We were having so much fun, I didn’t realize how late it was getting and didn’t get to bed until well after midnight exhausted. And slept in a little late both Saturday and Sunday making up for it, which was nice! We also played catchup on house work and dog walks.

And I created a new raw broccoli soup that worked out very well. I’m not a huge fan of raw broccoli, it can be a little strong and tough on the digestive system. But it’s much more doable blended into a soup and this one uses banana and mustard to counter and compliment the strong flavor and texture of broccoli.


The color is a beautiful bright, but a natural green and very springy.


And the flavor is great, slightly sweet, tangy, savory, and the broccoli flavor is not too strong. The texture is also nicely smooth, not earthy or gritty, thanks to the banana.


Sigh, now I need to wrap up some laundry to get ready for the week and walk some restless dogs before catching up with The Walking Dead.

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    Dale and the band had a gig this weekend, too, I didn’t go tho…hopefully SOON :)

    The cat is gorgeous! LOVED seeing outdoor pics and the dogs are precious, too! Looking forward to your garden plans!!!!!!!