Dilly Beet Dressing

I am ready for this week to end, work has been crazy still and I’m looking forward to a little fun. But coming home to a sweet hubby and dogs after a long day is always nice. Miko is so sweet that he refuses to go potty outside until he gets to greet me, he pouted at the back door when I came home this evening and let all the dogs into the backyard without kisses first.


He’s happily snuggled in my lap now. And I’m happy about my run this evening. It was my first run after the Shamrock’n Half Marathon Sunday and it went very well, nothing hurt and I felt energetic. It was probably my fastest and easiest recovery from a half marathon and I’ll be ready for a tapered long run this weekend which is great. So is this neon pink salad dressing I created for a dinner salad, it looks eerily like paint and pretty cool that natural ingredients can create such a vibrant color.


Amazing the color that can come from a small chunk of raw beet!


And the smooth and creamy texture from the blended hemp seeds truly makes this dressing look like pink paint.


And that vibrant color dominated my spinach salad, how fun!


Raw beets can be tricky to work with because they can have an earthy flavor and texture. I didn’t noticed that at all in this dressing, it was smooth and creamy with a tangy kick and slight heat. The bright dill and mustard zing set the flavor off.


And the fun color could be enjoyed by diners of all ages, just maybe not near white carpet. :-)

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  1. says

    WOW! That color is AMAZING!!!!!! Sounds like it would be perfect with Spinach! Might have to try that! Thanks!

    I’m buys posting some more today as well as schedule posting for the weekend :)