Lemon Thyme Quinoa

Miko is not sure about competing with hubby’s latest craze – Farm Heroes Saga.


Apparently it’s like Candy Crush with a different twist and I’ve avoided installing Farm Heroes since I’m frustratedly stuck in Candy Crush.

After Sunday’s half marathon, I was feeling a little wiped last night… and sore. So it was such a sweet surprise to come home to this.


Hubby loaded our steamer with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day so I wouldn’t have to cook. I decided to mash some of the steamed potatoes and carrots together with mustard, salt, pepper, dill, thyme, and nutritional yeast for a quick colcannon-like dish topped with fresh parsley and it came out very good.


The night before my race I created a lucky runner’s dinner that served me well. Finding a good pre-race dinner can be challenging for me because it needs to be loaded with energizing carbs, but not too heavy or complex. I found out the hard way that pasta does not work for me or a lot of bread, perhaps gluten has an opposite effect for my energy. The same goes for spicy Indian and Thai food… But quinoa recipes have always worked well for me and have become my lucky pre-race food. So the night before a big race is a great excuse to get creative with a new quinoa recipe and this one is simply delicious.


After about 25 minutes, all the loose liquid was gone and ready for serving.


I had a heaping serving for dinner to fuel up and it was great topped with nutritional yeast. It has a nicely savory and tangy flavor while being warming.


The quinoa texture is hearty and satisfying while the carrots added a soft sweetness and made it even more filling.


The leftovers would be great chilled over a bed of greens or reheated for an easy meal.

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    That steamer is cool! I’ll have to check that out! YUMMY foods! WOWZA! I’ll have to check out that game/app too! I did a pet saga one from the same makers as Candy Crush and got stuck a while back, too!