Kicky Avocado Dressing

On Sunday night, I headed to my first vegan potluck in Sacramento for a presentation by Jed Soliz of Team Veg. I played it safe taking a huge spinach meal salad with kidney beans and my avocado ranch dressing, but had a blast sampling many unique dishes other vegans brought including a curry couscous, Indian spiced potato casserole and gluten free chocolate peanut butter brownies.


There was a lot of chaos on my plate and it was delicious. The finale was a creamy pumpkin “cheese” cake with a sweet tofu frosting, very creative!


Then we got a great presentation by Jed about Team Veg and a little history on how he became a vegan athlete with an impressive amount of race wins and featured articles. He talked about balancing training with his full time job and balancing his energy, something I still struggle with and trying to figure out how I could fit in training for a full marathon. And the mission of Team Veg to represent vegan athletes in races and support athletes looking to move to a vegan diet. Some interesting points from his presentation include:

  • He eats 3+ bananas a day because it’s a super food for endurance athletes.
  • Proper nutrition for performance is key, stick to mostly whole plant foods.
  • He recommended a low fat plant based diet with lots of good carbohydrates.
  • He also recommended some supplements too include such as Vega products and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), basically organic sulfur that has possibly wonderful effects for anti-aging.
  • Include super foods in diet such as goji berries, raw chocolate (done!), and algae which the group agreed that Vitamineral Green is the best and safest source for.
  • Training recommendation using the 10% mileage increase weekly and taking a recovery week every 4 weeks cutting mileage in half.
  • Getting fitted for proper footwear at a running shoe store which I have yet to do.

It was another great vegan meetup meeting new vegans and hearing a lot of interesting conversation and views from laid back vegans to extreme health conscious ones. I like to think I’m somewhere in between. But after such a decadent dinner plate at the potluck, I decided to go for a huge salad last night and created a kicky new avocado dressing to go with it.

It’s a simple ingredient list that comes together fast.


And turns into creamy goodness with kick.



It coated a simple tempeh spinach salad nicely with flare.


The dressing has a little kick, but it’s not too spicy and has a nice tang from the dill and lemon juice.


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    Yup! That dressing is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! Yum!!!!! Perfection! The food/spread looks and sounds awesome! I’m just getting back into the swing of things and am trying to catch up on your blog and Opal’s blog while posting and schedule posting some blog posts on my blog – then I will try and catch up on everyone elses. I’m probably going to double up on posts for a while! I have LOTS to report!!!! Woot!