Quick Dill Quinoa

Glad Monday is over, it was a crazy one at work that left me feeling a bit like mush when I got home. I would have started writing this post sooner, but mush brain here was easily distracted by LifeBuzz. Why have I not seen this site before? It’s still raining here and that’s great for our drought, Shadow spent the rainy day yesterday passed out on the couch.


And the chihuahuas were more interested in warm beds than a walk in the chilly wet wind.


Smokey was happy to stalk us around the house for extra attention.


For some reason I wasn’t feeling too adventurous in the kitchen yesterday, maybe a little wiped from a long training run. I grabbed quinoa and veggie broth from the pantry to create a simple dish and took the opportunity to use up a shallot we received in the farm box.


I realize I’m a bit obsessed with all varieties of quinoa, it’s such a simple and great pantry staple that’s versatile and cooks fast. And has a decent amount of protein. The tri-color quinoa I used for this recipe added a little more color and texture to this recipe, great for impressing guests.


The quinoa has a nicely strong and tangy dill flavor with a hearty texture and dill is a poppy summer flavor for me.


But also fun to enjoy in steaming dishes during winter storms.


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  1. says

    Thanks for that link! Now I’m going to have to get into that site, too! LOL looks cute!

    Great dish! I also played with quinoa last night and will be posting about it later today! Stay Tuned!

    LOVE the cat Close-up! Awwww!
    Yeah…it WAS a weird Monday, wasn’t it!? Even weirder than usual!

    • says

      It’s a fun site with stunning videos and pictures. Thanks on the quinoa, not sure I could ever get tired of quinoa recipes! So true on Monday, looking forward to the weekend already.