Creamy Sriracha Dressing

Things have not been letting up at work lately, still a lot going on. Shadow has not been happy about my busy schedule lately either and letting me know about it by walking all over me before bed and cruising the kitchen counters yelling at me in the mornings.


Wish I could take him to work to yell at some co-workers.

Sundays 9-mile run wasn’t bad actually, the weather and scenery were gorgeous as spring is starting to bloom here early.


And I felt smart for mapping out a route that passes a couple of drinking fountains to refill my handheld water bottle so I didn’t need to be weighed down carrying additional water bottles.

Afterwards I had to throw together a huge salad for a family gathering at my sister’s house where vegan options were plentiful.


She also threw together a delicious on-the-fly quinoa stir fry with asparagus and romanesco broccoli.


And we had steamed artichokes, it was a fabulous veggie feast.


A feast that left plenty of leftovers, perfect for easy meals the last two days! I took some of the leftover spinach salad and layered it with chilled leftover lentil soup and nutritional yeast for a fun way to mix up the leftovers for lunch.


And made a simple miso soup for dinner with leftover chopped veggies.


But tonight I needed to spice up the leftover salad a bit with a kicky new and simple hemp seed dressing. I raided hubby’s spicy sauce shelf in the fridge for this dressing and it has the flare the show for it, but it’s also creamy and smooth textured to perfectly jazz up a plain spinach salad.

I liberally coated my salad leftovers for a sloppy and tasty mess.


It may look like a plain dressing, but it’s got kick. A nice amount of heat blended with a creamy dill sauce, like spicy wing sauce and the creamy dill dipping sauce in one simple recipe.




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    WOW! Awesome food! Made me chuckle about your cat there! LOL Awwwww
    I should FINALLY be getting my Vitamix tomorrow! Fingers Crossed! Can’t wait to have SMOOTHER Dressings and Soups as well as tinker with more Vegan Ice Creams!