Sushi, Lentils, and a Dog Party

We have a house full of dogs this weekend while we’re babysitting my mom’s chihuahua.


Miko has been competing for attention with him, I can’t go anywhere in the house without them following me and trying to get to my lap first.


Leela has been thrilled to have all the fireplace beds to herself frequently moving from one bed to another.


While Skipper has been froggy napping on the cool floor since the weather is warming up here this weekend.


It’s been a pretty tame weekend here with so many dogs, we did step out for sushi Friday night at a new sushi place where I got two good veggie rolls and edamame.


Very filling and delicious with plenty of wasabi.

I kind of have the blahs this weekend after such a busy week and opted to follow a recipe for dinner last night instead of creating a new one, so I grabbed Veganomicon for inspiration on what to do with a package of steamed lentils in the fridge.


Trader Joe’s usually has this packaged of just precooked lentils in the refrigerated section and it’s genius because it’s cheap and has a long shelf life, perfect for throwing together a quick, whole food meal on a busy weeknight.



I picked a french lentil soup recipe from the book even though I didn’t have all the ingredients. But instead of sauteing the onions and carrots in oil as the recipe instructed, I sauteed them in a little organic veggie broth to skip adding oil at all and it worked fine.


Since I didn’t have the tomatoes to add to the recipe, I added frozen organic corn and peas instead which was great.

IMG_4365The soup was very filling and hearty topped with nutritional yeast with a nice tangy and savory zing from the thyme and paprika seasonings while being warming and comforting after simmering with bay leaves.


I also have plenty of leftovers from this soup, perfect for freezing or easy work lunches.

Now I need to motivate myself for a 9-mile training run this morning, not gonna be easy since I’m dragging a bit!

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  1. says

    HEY there! So sweet! LOVE the animal pics! And your hubby’s trademark grin! :P Ahhhh Lentils! YUM! And those Veggie Rolls – GAWD! I want some! Soup looks and sounds great! I need to go on a Cookbook Adventure SOON :)

    • says

      It’s a great book for quick ingredient inspiration because it has a lot of whole food recipes that can easily be modified depending on what ingredients you have on hand.