Dressings and Sandwiches

I’m over this week. Not to whine too much about work, but this week has been nuts with multiple major upgrades going on at once and our team being short handed. I work in IT support, so I spend a lot of my days working with users and fielding requests from other employees in our department. At the end of the day lately I just want to be left alone after multitasking for hours and tolerating many interruptions. At the same time I feel guilty for not being a good wife or pet mommy after an insane day not giving them enough attention. Ugh, how do working parents do it?

Shadow had a different type of frustration, he wanted dinner and Smokey was not budging from the cat food feeder even after multiple paw pokes. Hubby snapped this precious pic.


Shortly after, he started full on swatting her until she finally left.

After a crazy day yesterday, I headed to Whole Foods to pick up a few things and dinner of course. Hubby recently discovered our local Whole Foods serves Beyond Meat vegan meat alternative in their deli sandwiches in delicious flavored chicken-style salads.


So I had a custom seasoned Beyond Meat sandwich created for him with vegan mayo, avocado, and focaccia bread. It was such a hit that most of it was devoured before I remembered to get a picture. :-)


I hit the salad bar for a monster kale salad, but none of the dressing options were speaking to me, so I decided to create a dressing at home using a banana.



The creamy and zingy sweet mustard flavor complemented the crunchy curly kale nicely.

And I was lazy again for lunch today, hubby and I headed to Baagan for our latest addiction – the butternut pesto panini sandwich. This time I ordered it with the house made gluten free bread option and it was delicious!


The gluten free bread is a little heavier and thicker than traditional multi grain bread with a slightly crumblier texture. But it has a nuttier flavor and seemed more satisfying to me being more dense. I liked it better and think I’ll order it on future paninis.

By dinnertime, I was feeling pretty scatter brained after another crazy work day and intense gym workout, so I threw together a simple salad with another new dressing, this one using balsamic and rosemary, a fun flavor combo.


It added a warming and tangy balsamic flavor to my kale salad with a creamy texture, very good.


Now I think I’ll veg out in front of the TV with some cuddly pups.

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