Curried Tomatoes and Quinoa

I really hate the lack of pockets in women’s clothes in general, but especially women’s running clothes. Thanks to my job, I usually have two and sometimes three smartphones with no pocket options for carrying them. Guys can run in baggy shorts with huge pockets, but we’re lucky if women’s running leggings or skimpy shorts have a useless tiny zippered pocket in the back that could fit 1/4th of an iPhone or maybe an energy gel pack. One of the awesome gifts I got from hubby for Valentine’s Day was these Lucy Pocket Capri Leggings for running. Typically for long runs I have both a handheld water bottle with a pocket and a small running waist pack for my phone, gels, etc. But these fitted capris have large pockets on either side for smart phones, gels, and even gloves. They allowed me to run without the waist pack for my 8-mile run yesterday and made my phone more easily accessible for snapping pics during the run.

runThe phone stayed in the pocket securely for the run and didn’t bounce around while the pants felt nicely snug with a comfortable level of compression, nothing seemed to be giggling around. It was nice not having the waist pack and worrying about adjusting it multiple times during the run. I’d already like to replace all my workout shorts with these because the pockets would come in handy at the gym too, but that will be a gradual thing at $79 a pop and hopefully this will become a trend for cheaper women’s running pants. Lucy sizes tend to run large too, I was surprised that I’m a size smaller than I’m used to, check the sizing chart before ordering online.

Miko got a new toy this weekend because he started ripping fuzz from his old toy and even the washing machine couldn’t get rid of it’s smell.


He has been keeping it with him all weekend using it as a pillow for naps, so cute.

Leela also got spoiled this weekend with a new bed in front of the fireplace, now she has two huge pillow beds to pick from.


After a splurging weekend for me, I created a simple curried quinoa and tomato dish with a lot of flare, but without added oil and gluten free.

I’m a fan of simple, one-pot quinoa dishes, they come together easily, cook fast, and give me time to speed clean the kitchen while cooking – important for weeknights.


And this one was really good topped with Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Shreds for added creamy texture, the shreds melted nicely making the quinoa gooey and fun.


And paired well with the curry flavors and flare from the cayenne for a little flavor fusion.

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    I totally hear you about the pockets! Smart phone, gel, water, keys, a few dollars…pockets are so important! For my marathon training I found a pair of Lulu pants with deep pockets plus several tiny pockets. Thanks for the Lucy link. I will check them out! And this quinoa dish sounds really good. I haven’t done much quinoa lately, and this one looks great!

  2. says

    You know…when I went to Trader Joe’s they didn’t have ANY Vegan Cheese…bummer!
    The dish looks wonderful…I want some RIGHT NOW…soooooo hungry!

    Your pups are adorable! So fun they both got spoiled this weekend…but then again…don’t they always? LOL I know – you and I both – wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!!