Weekend Love

Whew, it’s been a great weekend so far and we still have two more days left of it! The last two days have been a bit of a blur of playing, shopping, and eating out in a good way. Disclaimer: I don’t usually eat out or spend this much, but once in awhile is fun. :-)

Valentine’s Day was loaded with cute surprises thanks to hubby who stashed lots of sweet cards in the house and my car throughout the day.


I took him to lunch at Baagan because I can never get tired of eating there and enjoyed their veggie quesadilla with spicy vegan cheesy sauce. Hubby got their butternut pesto panini sandwich which was amazing too.

Hubby also sent me gorgeous roses at work that made co-workers jealous, he’s a keeper.


He took me to Valentine’s dinner at La Provence, a nice French restaurant in the area and whew, it was crowded for a Friday and Valentine’s Day. I know, duh. But thank goodness he made reservations.  Usually they have 2+ vegan or easily veganizable dishes on their menu, but they were only doing a special Valentine’s Day menu which didn’t even have a vegetarian friendly main dish. That was a little shocking to me for such a crowded evening where lots of different types of diners would be showing up. Luckily they were able to create a custom vegan main dish for me combining the vegan/veggie side dishes from the menu onto one plate basically and it was very good. I got a lovely beet and citrus starter salad and a main dish of seasoned red quinoa, sauteed veggies, and microgreen salad, and fruit sorbet for dessert.

I have not been preparing food much at home this weekend so far, but I did harvest a huge jar of mung bean sprouts that grew from about 2 tbsp. of seeds to practically busting out of the jar in 5 days.


Mung beans seem to grow best in a sprouting jar turned on its side with two rinses a day for me because they sit in more moisture in the jar versus tray sprouting with more drainage.

Yesterday I played all day too with my sister, we met up for lunch at Baagan again because she rarely gets to eat there and headed out on a shopping and massage adventure that lasted most of the day and ended with meeting hubby at the Yard House for dinner and beer. I got the trio boat from Baagan this time with a microgreens beet salad, roasted garlic brussels sprouts, and fruit spiced quinoa topped with spicy sunflower seeds.


I didn’t get in too much shopping trouble, just a new running skirt from Lucy on clearance for $18 and two new dogs beds and a new dog toy for Miko … I bought more for our pets than myself, not sure if that’s sad. Anyway, Yard House is always great for dinner because they have a whole menu section using Gardein vegan meat alternative products which is pretty awesome. I got the small Gardein rice bowl which is un-fried chunks of Gardein served like chicken with a lovely blend of veggies over brown rice.

The last two days have been great, so much fun and splurging after a stressful week and just what I needed. I’m really thankful for such a great husband and family. But back to reality today with a long training run, laundry, and a little make-up house cleaning.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

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    WOW! What lovely flowers, cards, and foods for the weekend! And those sprouts look AMAZING…I need to start back up again – my last 2 attempts were a bust.

    • says

      Thanks, it’s been a great weekend – sad it’s over. Hope you had an awesome V-Day! Yeah, it’s tricky getting back into the sprouting habit, but worth it because they last so much longer in the fridge and are cheaper than store bought.