Dilly Carrot Soup

I’ve been a member of my current gym now for 2 years. I originally joined because for $10 a month, it’s cheap treadmill access that’s close to work. But I’ve started using more of the weight machines and features of the gym to mix it up from home Bowflex workouts. In the last month it has become very crowded and annoying with the flood of New Year’s Resolutioners. And many of them come in groups and hang out on or around the weight machines chatting. I’m not a confrontational person, but I wanted to be tonight with a group of girls blocking three machines for 30+ minutes doing more sitting and chatting than half-assed reps. Or a teenager parked on a machine for 15+ minutes surfing Facebook on his phone. It seems like these issues are getting worse since New Year’s too, not better. I guess for the monthly price, I’m getting what I’m paying for. If things don’t start settling back down by next month, time to start looking for another gym! Until then, I’ll just entertain myself with this Pinterest board dedicated to gym annoyances.

After my last long run, I had to break down and buy new running shoes – Nike Lunarglide+ 5.


I’ve been running in a pair for awhile, but noticed my toes have been getting really sore as I log more miles in them. After a lot of research, I decided to go up a half size which I’m not thrilled about since I have big enough feet! That’s normal for distance running shoes, it’s recommended to go up 1/2 to a full size since feet can swell and I’ve only gone up a half size since I’m self conscious enough about my large feet! These shoes seem to have more padding in the toe area than the previous version from Nike I think. Hopefully my next long run goes better!

Okay, getting to food! I still have a love/hate relationship with raw soups – sometimes they’re a great way to refresh and enjoy a lighter dish. Other times it’s like a wishy washy smoothie is a bowl pretending to be a meal. Tonight I created a heartier, summer themed raw soup with a vibrant color and cheery dill flavor.


I adore dill any time of the year, it reminds me of summer with a bright flavor that pairs well with summer veggies. But it also works very will with carrots in this simple recipe. Miko was very ready to try some even though I told him no garlic for him.


Same for Skipper… wait, he’s always in the kitchen looking for food!


The soup is hearty and filling, but I paired it with seasoned tempeh cubes for a filling serving of protein after a workout.


The texture is creamy and smooth with a tangy dill flavor that younger eaters might appreciate too.


And a Banana Snakaroon made a nice, complimenting dessert.


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    The soup looks great! Our furkids hang around the kitchen, too! And NOW…Paco knows the sound of me chopping veggies and freaks out if he can’t be there to get what ever falls on the floor! LOL