Comfort Foods

Friday eve, finally! We’ve been getting rain and that’s great for the drought, but not great for my sinuses apparently and/or it’s a cold. Either way it’s annoying. I’ve been feeling stuffed up the last few days groggy with sinus headaches and other cold symptoms and tired and sluggish at the gym. So this will be a foggy, random post. Sorry. But this week is almost over and I’m chugging along with my monthly challenge for February. I wanted to do a juicing challenge where I juiced x amount of times during the week, but truthfully it’s been too busy to even get my juicer out sadly. Instead I’m going with homemade nut or seed milks only, no store bought. Mainly I use nut/seed milks in coffee, smoothies, and some recipes. So far for this challenge I’ve been sticking with hemp milk because it’s easy not requiring straining and I always have hemp seeds in the freezer.


My goal with this challenge is to get back into making fresh all the time at home and skip the questionable ingredients that can be found in the store bought stuff.

I treated myself to a nice lunch from Baagan this week, the Curry Potato Panini and just look how stuffed it is with veggies!


It was very filling and delicious.

I have not been very creative in the kitchen this week opting to follow some new recipes and comfort recipes instead of creating my own. I tried this Cheesy Cauliflower recipe from How to Live to 100, but changed it up using romanesco broccoli and tempeh instead of cauliflower.


The recipe is simple to throw together and roast in the oven.



And I served it with hot sauce for dipping for a fun finger food dinner.


The flavor does have a cheesy richness with a nicely crunchy outside from the roasting, it would make a great fun side dish for younger eaters or a main dish for the kid-at-heart types like me.

I also got these unique clamshell mushrooms in our last farm box that seemed just perfect for a steaming miso soup which is exactly what I was craving after a day of feeling icky in rainy weather.


I’ve never been a huge mushroom fan, I hated them as a kid. I think because I was exposed to mostly cheaper mushrooms that came in a can – mushrooms shouldn’t come in a can. As an adult, I find I like the good fresh mushrooms a lot and getting unique new varieties to try in our farm box has been fun. I used this basic miso soup recipe, but added the mushrooms and organic frozen corn because why not?


It was the perfect steaming bowl to sooth my stuffed head.


Which Miko was all too ready to share with me.


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  1. says

    Where to start…LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    That sandwich is a treasure! LOVE that color pinwheel of goodness! I wish I was closer to you I hear all about this eating establishment and want to check it out BAD!!!!!!

    I bought that same Tempeh at Trader Joe’s because of your previous posts and I must say it’s wonderful! Thank you! What I did with it – and forgot to take a pic – was pan fried – and BBQ’ed it. The next day I did it up plain and used the BBQ as a dipping sauce…that was great, too!

    Those mushrooms look delightful and Miko is precious as always!

  2. Tanya A says

    I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own tempeh but from chickpeas. Have you ever looked into it? I’m not sure where to get the correct “starter”.