Dilly Blue “Cheese” Dressing

It’s feeling more like winter here again and that’s a welcome thing after weeks of warmer drought weather, we actually got some rain last weekend and more is in the forecast for this week – yay! The house actually got chilly enough tonight for Leela to share a bed in front of the fireplace with Smokey.


Neither of these two ladies likes to share, so this is a huge thing. I’ve been keeping warm living off of a lot of vegan chili leftovers from my recipe creation and my sister making a double batch of this Crockpot Quinoa Chili for our Super Bowl Party. It’s great served chilled over a salad dressed with hummus dressing.


And reheated with pico de gallo and chipotle hot sauce mixed it.


But I did have to take a break from so much chili eating to create a huge meal salad.


And a new hemp seed dressing to go with it inspired by modifying the dill sauce from this buffalo cauliflower recipe.


The texture is very thick and creamy with a strong, heavenly dill flavor.


Perfect for coating a large salad in tangy, creamy goodness.


And topping it with more nutritional yeast and smokey seasoning.


The dill flavor is nicely strong with a tangy zing very much like a blue cheese dressing. Only this version packs a nice health punch too.


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    I’m going to have to try that dressing with my Wildtree Dill Blend! I think at some point I want to send you a sample of that! Do you still have my email addy!? Drop me a note with your snail mail addy – I’d love to send you a little Happy mail :)