Simple Quinoa Chili

I have a confession to make about football.


Well maybe it’s not quite that extreme, I do enjoy games a little bit sometimes. Still the Superbowl is sort of like this for me.


Because I work with a lot of football crazy co-workers and listen to some passionate and angry debates about this player’s performance, bad calls, and plays where I’m fearing I need to evacuate before an all out brawl starts. Where it seems like their worlds have come crashing down around them because their team didn’t win. It’s that obsession I can’t understand. Maybe if they have money on the games, then okay. Shadow seems to agree because this is what he’s been doing most of the weekend.


I can get excited about spending time with family for the big game, watching cool commercials, and making good food though. Like this simple quinoa lentil chili. My sister and I have been combing through vegan chili recipes to try for today and I’ve found a lot of them are a pain in the rear with excessively long ingredients lists requiring an expensive trip to the grocery store. That’s not my idea of relaxing or fun on a weekend especially when I might be a little tired from a long training run. This recipe contains basic ingredients that most people probably already have on hand and cooks quickly stove top while using no added oil.


The ingredients are fast to add to the pot and start to look like chili pretty quickly.


It has a nice savory and tangy kick with a little heat from the chili powder, garlic, and cayenne while being very filling.


Leftovers can easily keep in the fridge for up to 5 days for simple work meals and even freeze for months.


Now go enjoy time with friends and family for the big game. :-)

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    Hey there! Thanks for the kind words last week! I’m back blogging and trying to catch up on my favorite visits – yours being one of them – of course!!!! Your cat is so cute! And that dish looks and sounds awesome! TOTALLY wanting some of it right now! I didn’t care one bit about the Super Bowl either :)