Herb Brazil Nut Dressing

And here we are at Monday again, blurg. Skipper doesn’t mind as long as there’s food, he carefully cleaned the other dog’s bowls after making short work of his dinner.


Dinnertime is an eating competition around here! After checking all the bowls multiple times to make sure he didn’t miss anything, he played kitchen shark in case I dropped anything. Turns out he’s a fan of Brazil nuts, maybe even as much as I am. I splurged on some from the Whole Foods bulk foods department over the weekend because it’s been awhile since we’ve had them and they’re one of my favorite nuts for the hearty and soft texture with a unique flavor that’s slightly bitter.


I got inspired to create a savory and creamy dressing with them sticking to goal of avoiding oils and only using full fats.


The dressing is very thick and creamy with speckled herbs looking a lot like a ranch dressing, but better.


Trying to get a good start to the week, I coated a huge massaged kale and cabbage salad with it.



For a very pretty and colorful dinner.


The flavor is delicious, creamy with tangy and fresh herbs and a nice little garlic kick. Great for livening up a fresh salad and a blah Monday night.


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    Oddly…Walmart is the only place locally who has Brazil Nuts. I finally found them and picked some up but haven’t used them yet. I hope to soon! This sounds like a great place to start! I’m still waiting for my Vitamix and am looking forward to smoother dressings SOON :) The ninja’s are great but I know the Vitamixes are ever better for that!