Hemp Hollandaise Sauce

Things have been a little cranky here this week with Leela, she’s been extra annoyed when Skipper gets too close to her and pouted in a blanket on the couch tonight because he favorite fireplace bed was occupied.


Smokey decided Leela’s Cuddle Cube is her favorite bed this week.


Apparently Smokey is not the first cat to steal a dog beds:

Not a problem for Skipper since his bed isn’t near the fireplace, he gets too hot quickly.


I haven’t been feeling too creative in the kitchen this week after busy days at work and have been sticking to simpler hemp recipes since I have a ton of hemp seeds in the freezer and not much else until I go shopping. For tonight’s dinner I threw together a simple classic – the cheesy nacho hemp sauce recipe from Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Vegan Hemp recipe book.


It’s a favorite comfort food for me and thankfully healthy too without added oils and with a fresh and spicy flavor and creamy, smooth texture. I kept it really simple dipping lightly steamed carrots and broccoli. Dinner was a finger food operation.


And it was simple last night too using a new recipe I experimented with drizzled over steamed butternut squash and sprinkled with a little dill. Our brunch on Sunday inspired this recipe because my sisters gushed about the Hollandaise sauce in their dishes. But the traditional stuff is not vegan friendly… or health friendly loaded with egg and dairy.

This sauce would be great with a tofu scramble, but it was also great with butternut squash for adding a creamy texture and savory and tangy flavor.


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  1. says

    I definitely want to try this — and I love your suggestion of putting it over butternut squash. Nice and simple, and totally the kind of dinner I’m looking for on a week night! I got my hands on hemp seeds a month ago after spotting some on sale, and I think I’m hooked.

  2. says

    I have to eat what little broccoli I have left tonight as a side, I think! I totally forgot to bring it for lunch! Oh well! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of the ‘kids’. So cute when they act like humans LOL

  3. Lindsey says

    I made this sauce last week and both my boyfriend and I loved it. Sooo good over spaghetti squash!

    My boyfriend has a serious nut allergy and since I eat mostly vegan it can be kinda tricky to find meals that we can both eat {enter hemp seed sauces}. Your website it permanently bookmarked… I love that your recipes use ingredients that I already have on hand.. plus they’re super easy and delicious!