Customizable Dressing

I’m a little sad the long weekend is over already, but I’ve made some real progress in office organization, helped friends out with computer issues, and had girl time with my sisters and mom. I also got in a 6-mile training run yesterday that was a little slower than I hoped thanks to a stuffy nose.


And it was 30 degrees for the run, what a dirty trick when the high for the day was in the 70s!

Then I had a fun girls day shopping and eating out with my mom and sisters in midtown. We started at Fleet Feet for running shoes and accessories, I grabbed new running socks and finally warmer running gloves with smartphone capability! And they were on sale!


Then we headed to 24K Cafe for brunch which is an interesting cafe located on the lower level of a sanctuary and has an impressive menu of teas and dessert items. Not a huge vegan selection on the menu, but prices are reasonable, there was live music, and we had a great time chatting. I went with a tofu curry potato cake with a pretty salad.


It was tasty, but also on the lighter side compared to the non-vegan dishes my mom and sisters ordered. Cheaper too which is a plus.

I’ve also had time to work on recipes this weekend and came up with a simple dressing were many of the ingredients can be changed out depending on what you have on hand and/or are in the mood for.

I used hemp seeds and a smokey seasoning to coat a simple kale and sprout salad.


And it coated the salad nicely with a tangy, creamy, and savory texture. Avocado in place of the hemp seeds will add a lighter, whipped texture to the dressing which is fun too.


And it’s a fun foundational recipe that you can change up and play with each time for an impressive homemade dressing.


Tonight I need to work through some leftovers for dinner then sink into a bubble bath to get ready for another work week!

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  1. says

    Sounds like you had a nice day. Both of your meals look really delicious. It is always nice to find a place that sells good vegan food (non gmo of course).

  2. Karen says

    My kind of recipe! I wish all recipes were like that because too often I’m out of some key ingredient in something I’m in the mood to make and I’m not good at thinking up substitutes.

  3. says

    Congrats on the run! Always a thumbs up from me! I admire you! Awesome dressing! I need to make more! I’m totally out of dressings!